Institutional Investor ranks Sergey Ivanov among the best CEOs in the mining sector

Sergey Ivanov, the CEO of ALROSA, was named one of the best CEOs in the mining sector, according to Institutional Investor’s ranking.


The RAS net income of PJSC ALROSA in H1 grew by 19% to 52.2 bn rubles

PJSC ALROSA, ALROSA’s head company, has published the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) results of H1, 2018.


New large diamond deposits found in Yakutia

According to TASS, 13 new high grade diamond deposits were reportedly found in Yakutia, Russia.


Second Bharat Diamond Week to Take Place in October

The Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) announced that the second edition of Bharat Diamond Week will take place from October 8-10 at BDB in Mumbai, India.


Polished diamond exports from India up 5% in June

Polished diamond exports from India rose by 5,07% in June, 2018, as compared to a year earlier. Total exports from the gem and jewellery sector increased only by 0,9% in the period under review.


Design, originality and quality are crucial for the success of any collection - Avi Viezman

02 june 2014

annomis_avi_viezman_fullsize.jpgConsidered among the most interesting proposals at the latest VicenzaOro fairs in Italy, the recently born Annomis Jewellers is attracting quite an interest in the jewellery industry. Its collections feature a unique blend of design and diamond cutting skills. Rough&Polished reached out to Avi Viezman, responsible for the design and manufacturing of the Annomis collections, and discussed with him the ambitions of the company and the future perspectives for diamond jewellery.

Could you tell us something about the history of your company and its evolution?

Based in Antwerp (Belgium) at the heart of the jewellery – and diamond capital of the world, Annomis Jewellers is a prominent Belgian jewellery manufacturer.

Annomis Jewellers was founded in august 2012 by 3 partners. Each coming from a different background in the jewellery or diamond industry, joining together to combine their individual areas of expertise to form a leading cohesive group.

Annomis Jewellers possess the expertise, know-how and experience of many years in design, manufacturing and distribution of diamond jewellery.

Active throughout Europe we provide our customers a complete package – from concept until the finished jewellery – all under one roof.

The goal is to service the customers with the regular everyday products as well as realizing fresh and innovative concepts in jewellery design and manufacturing.

Among the collections presented at the latest VicenzaOro in Italy, “Fusion” stood out for its originality. Could you tell us a bit more about it? And also something about the two other collections: “Sea Stars” and “Iris”?

The Fusion Collection: It is all about a Challenge, we wanted to bring the consumer something that will surprise her/him.



This special collection brings diamonds, style, craftsmanship and great engineering to perfection by creating a fusion between black and white diamonds on a stylish trendy luxurious jewellery. The white diamond is ins erted seamlessly into the black diamond without any use of glue or gold claws to hold it in place.

The new collection features Rings, Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets with Black & White diamonds decorated with pave diamonds set in 18KT gold.  The variety of classic and trendy designs adding energy, liveliness, dynamism and elegance to the collection.

The Iris and the Sea Stars collections are equally unique as the Fusion in terms of style and originality.

The Sea Stars collection brings together the two greatest elements in the universe, the Ocean and the Earth. The Sea Stars Collection features fresh and stylish designs with special setting of Diamonds- coming from Earth - over beautiful Pearls – coming from the Ocean - mounted on fantastic jewellery designs.

The Iris collection is featuring diamond elements ins erted in bigger color stones. That collection allows us greatest creativity and color matching for the more fashionable consumer.

What are the technical challenges that you face when creating this kind of jewels?

There were many technical challenges we have faced while creating the collection. First and most difficult challenge was being able to drill in a diamond without damaging it and fit the other diamond in it without glue or gold setting, perfect engineering and months of testing were needed in order to achieve the perfect results.



The selection of the stones with the right measurements, the treatment of the black diamonds and the quality of the black diamonds were essential for the execution of this process.

What do you think of modern 3D software and printing instruments? Is that the Hobson's choice in contemporary jewellery design?

We make use of various different materials, techniques and of course machinery as well. One has to be up to date with the latest innovations in the industry to stay ahead and take advantage of the benefits and opportunities they offer.

Although we believe there is still a place for the more traditional processes in jewellery manufacturing, it is exciting to see new developments coming into the market and offering us the possibility to make things that were not possible before.

For those who put emphasis on creativity, these tools are essential.

What is your target customer in terms of age and lifestyle?

We are targeting the middle and high-end consumers, modern consumers of the age of 30 to 60 which are looking for something beyond the ordinary styles that exist in the market.

What is the most popular collection among your customers?

At the middle range we can say that our Illusion diamonds setting is the most popular collection, however on the higher end we see greatest popularity for the Fusion and Iris collections.

In what countries do you operate? Do you have plans of expanding your market in the near future?

As of today Annomis Jewellers collections are sold in Belgium, Luxemburg, Middle East, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Holland, U.K. and to some extent at the USA as well.

Our most important targets are to expand in to the Russian market, Asia and to generate larger business in the Middle East and Europe.

Many analysts affirm that diamond jewellery is losing competitivity compared to other luxury products. Do you think there are prospects for an expansion of the market in the future?

We strongly believe that diamond jewellery is still highly desired throughout the world by all kinds of consumers in different levels. The consumers nowadays are much more educated and sophisticated; therefore the design, originality and quality are crucial for the success of any collection.

Are you satisfied with the current level of diamond prices?

There are different ways to look at this question. Are we looking at the prices from the supply side of the equation (mining companies and rough syndicates), or are we looking at it from the demand side of things. The supply is facing increasing costs while the demand has weakened in the years following the global crisis.

We believe that the current diamond prices are held artificially at these levels, mainly due to high cost of rough diamonds. We do not believe that the current price levels reflect the real equilibrium point of supply and demand.

In any case, we as a diamond jewellery manufacturer mainly looking for price stability. It makes it all the more difficult to work in times of high fluctuation.

Matteo Butera, Rough&Polished


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