Petra gross diamond reserves down 14% to 33.33Mcts

Petra Diamonds’ gross diamond reserves decreased 14% to 33.33 million carats as of 30 June 2021 compared with 38.86 million carats, a year earlier.


Vladimir Dyukarev, former COO of ALROSA passes away

Vladimir Dyukarev, a mining engineer, who committed most of his life to the country's diamond industry making his way up from a foreman at the Udachny Mining Division to the COO of ALROSA, passed away today at the age of 78.


The third J-1 Jewellery Congress to be held in Moscow on September 26-28

The third J-1 Jewellery Congress will be held in Moscow’s Gostiny Dvor Conference Hall on September 26-28. The Congress will become a key educational and business platform for the jewellery industry and will set new vectors for its further development...


Private investor mulls $500mln investment in two Angola gold mines

A Brazilian-Angolan national, Valdomiro Minoru Dondo, is set to invest $500 million to help jump-start gold mining in northern Angola. This comes three years after Luanda started issuing new licenses to explore precious metals.


Katoro Gold makes progress in Tanzania, SA

Katoro Gold recorded significant progress across its project portfolio during the six months ended June 30 despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Grant: We want to promote not only our own brand, but the brand of St. Petersburg as well

09 august 2021
stanislav_mazurchik_xx.pngGrant is a St. Petersburg-based jewelry company founded in 1999 as a small private workshop for the manufacture of diamond gold jewelry. According to the State Inspectorate of Assay supervision, since 2007, the company’s production has been one of the top ten among the diamond jewelry manufacturers’ production figures in the Northwest.

Grant maintains partnerships with individual entrepreneurs and trading houses in Russia and Belarus and has its sales office in Kazakhstan.

The company takes part in the major industry exhibitions in Russia where its jewelry pieces are often awarded diplomas.

Stanislav Mazurchik, Grant’s Director-General, answered the Rough&Polished’s questions.

What jewelry does Grant produce that distinguishes your goods from those made by other companies?

We are from St. Petersburg, a city of style, and Grant also means a style. We manufacture jewelry that allows our customers to create or emphasize their image, to self-actualize.

Our jewelry items are made in limited quantities, so we manufacture them very thoroughly. We want the original Grant’s style to be in each design, as well as the spirit of St. Petersburg and Europe because St. Petersburg is a “window to Europe”. We focus on the quality of our jewelry at every stage of its manufacture and combine the most up-to-date, adaptive technologies and the many years of our team’s experience. Special attention is paid to polished diamonds. All the stones are selected by our most experienced gemologists. At our factory, we do not adhere to a conveyor principle, so, each ring, each pair of earrings, after being processed by the machines, are polished by an experienced goldsmith, which allows us to achieve the quality of metal that is worthy to be studded with the best-polished diamonds. Our goods retain their original look for a long time - without fading over time or scratches - thanks to the combination of manual processing and high technology.

A routine question asked in these latter days: what anti-crisis measures are taken and what marketing strategies are followed by your company?

For us, the crisis began in 2018. Some mistakes were made by our personnel, the attempts were taken to ruin us, but by the end of 2019, we managed to overcome all the difficulties. The pandemic year was a year of great growth for us. Now, we are actively developing our brand, improving the service, helping our partners to increase the turnover and margins in the face of the declining demand. We do not rest on our laurels and are constantly looking for new solutions and opportunities. If you are interested, you can contact us and we will share our experience.

What is your opinion about online sales, what is the volume of Grant’s online sales?

First of all, we are the manufacturers. Sales are not among our strengths, we entrust this part of our common business to our partners who represent us in the regions, and we do our best to help them develop their own brands.

How did you come into the jewelry business?

As often happens in life, I came into the jewelry industry by chance. I am a romantic sailor by nature, my background is a marine electrical engineer. In the early 1990s, when the Soviet Union collapsed, I was a young engineer and was looking for an occupation that was close to my interests, so, I found myself in the jewelry industry. It helped me combine the romance of youth and engineering.

What is required to make a business successful?

Continuous improvement is the key to success, and our partners feel this, so we work with the best, strongest companies in the regions of Russia - as they say, “like seeks like”.

Our team is in constant search of some ways that can combine the advanced technologies and the experience of jewelers of the past, and we have assembled a team of “the best”. And thanks to this, we create inexpensive but high-quality goods.

Image credit: Grant

How inexpensive are they?

You can buy a ring or a pair of earrings from us, which can be affordable for many buyers. We mainly produce what an ordinary boy gives to an ordinary girl, only we try to do the jewelry piece a little bit better than the others do.

But this does not mean that the company produces low-end jewelry only. The cost of jewelry pieces can vary within a very wide range and we produce truly high-end, exquisite, and unique customized jewelry items as well.

Is it your personal preference that the company specializes in diamond jewelry? What is your attitude to the diamonds?

Yes, it’s my personal preference. At all times, a diamond emphasized its owner’s status. What’s better than to combine a style and a diamond?

Has the use of diamonds in your jewelry pieces decreased?

God forbid. So far, the use of diamonds is only increasing in most of the jewelry goods we manufacture. At the same time, the price for the jewelry pieces does not grow due to the use of new technologies and the revival of the old techniques used in the times of Fabergé and other greatest jewelers of Russia and St. Petersburg.

Our approach to the selection of stones is very careful and we purchase only the diamonds that meet the required characteristics. Our gemologist is very strict to ensure that the facets lie at the correct angle. The “play of the diamond” is of importance, and if the cut and geometry are correct, the stone is “alive”. We pay great attention to high-quality polishing. All jewelry manufacturers are now trying to minimize manual labor, but without manual labor, a diamond cannot be made that meets all the GOST’s requirements. Thanks to up-to-date technologies, we have found the “golden mean” in combining the old and new techniques, and our jewelry emphasizes the natural beauty of gems.

Please tell us about the latest collections - what materials and technologies are mainly used?

Our latest collections reflect the spirit of our company. We used the experience and skills we have gained over the past years. Our factory makes sophisticated, complex jewelry pieces, durable but not heavy, unique but not intricate, bright but not vulgar, it is very difficult to imitate our jewelry. All jewelry designs are branded. According to the sales analysis, branded jewelry pieces are selling 60-70% better.

As for our jewelry design, no one would say that the ideas have been stolen from other designers. We follow the global trends, but we try to be different, to be a little bit better. We do not have a classic Soviet assortment, we have original ideas that are popular all over the world. We even used our logo in the jewelry in the form of a bezel setting - there are no analogs in the world.

Our collections are updated every six months, at each exhibition we display new jewelry collections.

It takes a year to create each collection. At the same time, for example, when we fulfilled the order for Yakutia, we used their national ornaments, including shaman ones, with symbols like “to keep the husband from leaving a wife”, “to keep the children from getting sick” ... For Muslim regions, we also studied their ornaments and symbols. We always pay great attention to details and try to use an individual approach to each new collection or order.

You can really say about your jewelry that you have your own style. How is it that a thing seems much more expensive than its actual price is?

When you see beautiful large shapes, it seems that the weight of gold is large. In fact, our jewelry items are not heavy, they are lightweight: they have an inner mesh side made with an openwork branded pattern that distinguishes the Grant jewelry. We have several options for such a grid: the first one was created by our designers inspired by the Gothic cathedrals of Italy, the second one is a creative reworking of our logo - Grant. This is our know-how, the highlight of our latest collections. At the same time, we try not to affect the durability, therefore, the knowledge about the strength materials helps us.

Image credit: Grant

Are you considering using man-made diamonds and other gemstones?

The matter is that “not everything is as it seems”. What would you choose: a Chinese watch - fake brands - or a Swiss-made watch; a fibrous marbled beef steak or any “plastic” food?

You have many Junwex diplomas. Is there anything that allows your company to manufacture high-quality jewelry and stay afloat?

The answer is in your question. The production of high-quality jewelry and participation in Junwex exhibitions keep us afloat.

What is still the main problem in the industry?

In my opinion, unscrupulous entrepreneurs are the industry’s main problem. But now, thanks to the actions of the government and the Guild of Jewellers, the SIIS PMPS (State integrated information system in the field of control over the circulation of precious metals and precious stones) program is being implemented, which will make it possible to get rid of ”shady schemes”.

What are the company’s plans for the nearest future?

Our plans for the nearest future include brand development, following the new trends in the jewelry industry, and entering the world market. We know exactly what awaits us there as there are a lot of positive reviews about us from Europe and China. And we want to promote not only our own brand but the brand of St. Petersburg as well. If Milan is the capital of fashion, Paris is the capital of painters and fine arts, we want to revive St. Petersburg as the capital of jewelry art and jewelry fashion and return this title to it.

Galina Semyonova for Rough&Polished