Petra gross diamond reserves down 14% to 33.33Mcts

Petra Diamonds’ gross diamond reserves decreased 14% to 33.33 million carats as of 30 June 2021 compared with 38.86 million carats, a year earlier.


Vladimir Dyukarev, former COO of ALROSA passes away

Vladimir Dyukarev, a mining engineer, who committed most of his life to the country's diamond industry making his way up from a foreman at the Udachny Mining Division to the COO of ALROSA, passed away today at the age of 78.


The third J-1 Jewellery Congress to be held in Moscow on September 26-28

The third J-1 Jewellery Congress will be held in Moscow’s Gostiny Dvor Conference Hall on September 26-28. The Congress will become a key educational and business platform for the jewellery industry and will set new vectors for its further development...


Private investor mulls $500mln investment in two Angola gold mines

A Brazilian-Angolan national, Valdomiro Minoru Dondo, is set to invest $500 million to help jump-start gold mining in northern Angola. This comes three years after Luanda started issuing new licenses to explore precious metals.


Katoro Gold makes progress in Tanzania, SA

Katoro Gold recorded significant progress across its project portfolio during the six months ended June 30 despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Platinum is appraised as a metal of the future by Gen Z because of the novelty it exudes

02 august 2021
srinivasan_xx.pngSrinivasan, a science graduate from Madras University, started a jewellery manufacturing venture in 1984 with just 10 employees. Today, the Group from Southern India is one of the largest jewellery manufacturing conglomerates employing more than 6000 personnel.

‘EMERALD’, a name synonymous with quality and enchanting designs with 36 years in precious jewellery manufacturing, is known for its quality consciousness, uniqueness of design and quality workmanship.

Srinivasan, ably assisted by a team of highly qualified engineers and professionals, aims to take EMERALD to greater heights in the coming years.

In an exclusive interview with Rough&Polished, Srinivasan expresses his insights on the need for focusing on the 'design aspect' to grow in the future when changing tastes of the young consumers will rule the demand scenario.

Some excerpts:

Can you update us about your Emerald Group and its growth graph since we last spoke to you in 2017? What additional projects have been started? What is the Emerald Jewel’s standing as of today as a major jewellery manufacturing group in India?

Emerald group brought about a technological transformation in the jewellery industry. With every passing year, we incorporate the latest technological advancements into our jewellery making techniques. In the past few years, we have laid great emphasis on creating collections, keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of the region. Some of the traditional jewellery techniques like ‘Thewa’ have been revamped with a twist of technology. Gemstone collections have been yet another addition to the brand. We have launched over 18 new collections in the past few years which became distinctive trend-setting pieces and set us apart from the rest.

The vision and mission of the organisation are to acquire and incorporate the latest state-of-the-art technological advancements into the business and emerge as a pioneer in the jewellery manufacturing sector. Our team of expert professionals and competent top management has always driven the organisation to success.

Emerald took a giant leap by diversifying into silver as well by setting up a colossal 2 lakh sq. ft manufacturing unit. We have amassed all kinds of futuristic equipment and machinery from Italy to produce premium quality silver jewellery in India. Our silver product range includes silver gods/article electroforming statues made in pure 999 silver, silver murals, silver garland, silver CZ, silver accessories including belts, broaches, masks, marble tops, fabric and other articles.

Some of the other projects are silver casting jewellery, silver solid god casting idols, silver machine chains, silver stamping jewellery, silver utensils such as silver pooja ware, kitchenware, art effects, silver furniture etc. Most of the items in gold can be made in silver as well. We currently have the installed capacity to produce 70 tons of silver products annually at our production facility.

How is Emerald’s jewellery different from other manufacturers? What technology is being utilised in the manufacturing process, especially the unique designs? Give us an overall view of the kind/design jewellery manufactured by Emerald.

We are equipped with cutting-edge technology to support the talent of our highly proficient design team and they are constantly envisaging designs that surpass the quality and allure of those in the current market. Techniques such as electroforming, laser cutting, stampato, CNC and so on aid us in crafting unique patterns that are difficult to replicate.

What kind of jewellery is in demand now in India… plain gold, colour stone studded, diamond-studded or any other? In diamond-studded, what is the demand/trend in quality/size of diamonds in today’s domestic market?

With the soaring gold prices, there has been an increased preference for lightweight jewellery. Colour stone and diamond-studded products align with trends of the times and are perceived to be of great value by customers from all walks of life. Alongside rendering these innovative designs, purity and quality remain at the heart of our trade.

As Emerald supplies jewellery to all regions in India, what is the trend region-wise in terms of gold jewellery? Is lightweight gold jewellery also in demand in Indian cities?

We have specialised design teams pan India who keep a close watch on the evolving trends in the jewellery sector. By utilising this information, we can curate specific designs in tune with customer preferences, which inevitably gives us an edge in the marketplace. E-commerce platforms have made online jewellery buying a breeze and there has been a surge in online customers.

Besides supplying jewellery within the country, you also supply to Dubai & Sharjah. What changes in design/ demand have you witnessed in UAE/Dubai market? Your views?

There is certainly a dip in demand in the UAE/ Dubai markets owing to the ongoing pandemic. However, the silver lining is that there is still a substantial cohort of customers for technologically crafted, high-quality products and innovative projects.

Do you see demand for platinum and other precious metal including white gold jewellery increasing in India because Z Gen is not very keen on flashy yellow gold? Is there a demand for such jewellery and in what volume compared to normal gold jewellery?

Platinum is appraised as a metal of the future by Gen Z because of the novelty it exudes. The scope for diversity in designs in rose gold and white gold has accelerated its demand as well. The flashy nature of yellow gold is often a deterrent for the younger generation and hence it is being muted down through texturing techniques and fresh theme-based designs that evoke a story-telling mode and is fashioned to suit the taste of the times.

Aruna Gaitonde, Editor in Chief of the Asian Bureau, Rough&Polished