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22 october 2021

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22 october 2021

An opportunity to show your products and occupy your niche

14 december 2020

pilyushin_vladimir_xx.pngRecently, GOLDNET.MARKET, the first jewellery wholesale marketplace, appeared on the Russian jewellery market.

Vladimir Pilyushin, one of the founders of GOLDNET.MARKET, editor-in-chief of the ‘Russkyi Yuvelir’ (Russian Jeweller) magazine, told the industry news agency Rough&Polished about this new effective tool for solving the problems of the jewellery market players under the new conditions.

You have launched a new, versatile and very user-friendly platform. When did this idea appear, why was the project implemented now, is this related to the pandemic?

Thank you for mentioning the versatility of our platform. To achieve this, we had to go a long way. In fact, we released the first version called ‘The United Jewellery and Watch Catalogue’ 16 years ago. But, as it turned out, the industry found this project to be too leap-ahead, the technologies and programming were at a completely different level, and in most regions of the country, the Internet was not as easily accessible and cheap as it is today.

Due to various circumstances, we put it into cold storage for an indefinite period. And three years ago, even before the COVID-19 times, we realized that the time had come. We built a team, finalized the concept, did a large-scale market research (every six months, we held in-depth interviews with over 500 market players at the exhibitions and fairs, and adjusted the platform in accordance with their wishes), developed the basic functionality of the platform, and in September 2020, we made the first presentation of our jewellery wholesale marketplace.

What makes your platform different from other Internet sites in the jewellery sector, what is its novelty?

It is no secret that today almost all jewellery companies have their own wholesale websites, online stores, and social media pages. There are several successful one-stop marketplaces offering jewellery among other goods. We have developed a universal tool for business communication for industry professionals and offer jewellers a common platform for promoting their jewellery in Russia and the EurAsEC countries. We strive to expand the capabilities of medium and small jewellery businesses, on the one hand, and on the other hand, to conclude the agreements on jewellery purchases more convenient for wholesalers, in real time. GOLDNET.MARKET provides every jeweller with the opportunity to show their goods and carve out their own niche.

What advantages does GOLDNET.MARKET give to the market participants such as your partners, suppliers and buyers? Depending on the circumstances, what plans do you have to develop this project?

At this stage, the main advantage of our platform is its versatility. Let me explain what it is. Today, wholesalers (trade representatives) are registered on dozens of websites of their suppliers and, accordingly, store the website addresses and passwords, and are the members of WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, VK groups ... They receive disembodied data about new products, changes in delivery conditions, etc. They have to contact regularly many manufacturers to find out any information about new goods. Processing all this information takes a lot of time and efforts. By registering on our marketplace, the wholesaler gets it all in one place. Moreover, the system replaces the work of managers sending out offers about new collections to many wholesalers. GOLDNET does this work and the retailers regularly get notifications about the updated partners’ range of goods on their personal accounts and by e-mail.

The catalogue has a convenient search engine that includes many characteristics of jewellery. We provide a merchandiser with the opportunity to subscribe to new items from the suppliers that are of interest to him, and also collect Lists, that is, baskets of deferred demand. For example, in the process of searching, the merchant finds goods that will be relevant for the store in a few months, and forms the lists, conditionally: ‘Top sellers’, ‘New Year’, ‘March 8’, and in the run-up to the holiday seasons, the merchant can return to them, edit the lists and send orders to multiple suppliers at the click of a button.

As a result of the negotiations, several manufacturers decided to abandon their own wholesale websites in favor of GOLDNET - in fact, they receive their own website within the framework of the platform, for example,

At this stage of the development, the basic functionality works on GOLDNET.MARKET. In the near future, we plan to implement the ‘one stop shopping’ principle. That is, entering the personal account, a user will be able to select the goods there, agree on the terms of delivery, exchange the documents, conclude an agreement, exchange the messages, order a delivery by a transport company. We have a lot of ideas, I will not voice everything now. Let me just say that our portal is convenient, easy to use and accessible for all the members of the jewellery community.

Tell us about your partners - how does the circle of those participating in your platform expand after the launch of the projects, what transactions have taken place?

The partners of the ‘Russkyi Yuvelir’ magazine were the first to join GOLDNET. We have a mechanism that is convenient for the manufacturers. If companies have upload files or any other structured data about their goods (in CSV, Excel, XML, etc.), they contact us and we import this data into the system. This is the most efficient way to quickly register a large number of goods and take some burden from the manual workers.

Another way to speed up the collection is to import data from a partners’ website (parsing). If the company prefers this way, then it sends us a request and their written consent in any available way.

Thus, we made it as easy as possible for the suppliers to enter the project.

Registration on the resource is going all the time, but the partners are still show hesitation. :) After all, the industry is very conservative! The suppliers gradually add their goods to the catalogue, master the platform. The wholesalers slowly make their lists, put something into their baskets, and especially daring wholesalers place orders! It is very encouraging that small deals, even for 5-10 items, have already taken place on the website. It is also pleasant that trade circles from the Eurasian Economic Community countries, in particular, from Kazakhstan, showed their interest in our project. We hope that within six months to a year, making contracts in GOLDNET will become a common practice. Moreover, if the retailers know the suppliers, they do not have to manually select the goods.

I would especially like to note that our portal is a good opportunity for small companies to get within the field of view of the trade, and it is an opportunity for the trade to find fresh solutions to replenish various goods. The fact is that each product downloaded enters the top data release in real time.

I have no doubt that, having earned the status of a reliable partner for twenty-four years of work, ‘Russkyi Yuvelir’ will be reliable doing its new Internet project.

What are the prospects of the Internet platforms in promoting jewellery trade?

Of course, the Internet will not replace offline trading, but it will gradually take away a certain market share. Unfortunately, covid-19 speeds up these processes. As for trends, I will quote the words from an interview with e-commerce expert Evgeny Gortsev, “There are several universal marketplaces in Russia that dominate the entire market and make the bulk of the e-commerce turnover. That may not always be the case, because it is inconvenient. Coming to a universal marketplace, you cannot get a professional advice and a specialized filter when searching for an item. What we are in for is the growth of niche marketplaces, we will probably follow the China’s practice. In China, just in one province, there are 200 marketplaces with high expertise in their categories. Several companies contacted me this year and asked to help launch the niche marketplaces for certain goods categories. Earlier, it seemed strange to talk about a marketplace for crackers or radio-controlled toys, but today it is becoming a reality. The niche marketplaces will eat away at part of the audience from the universal marketplaces, and buyers will go to them to use their expertise.”

We welcome the co-operation of all the participants in the jewellery business.

Good luck! And stay healthy!!!

Galina Semyonova for Rough&Polished