De Beers reduces prices for smaller stones – report

De Beers has lowered prices for smaller diamonds in a bid to attract customers back to the market after the COVID-19 pandemic reduced appetite for diamonds.


Moscow hosts new Jewelry Exhibition-Congress J-1

This week on Tuesday, the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center in Moscow inaugurated a new J-1 Jewelry Exhibition-Congress. The organizers of the event, Konstantin Zakirov and Dina Nasyrova, made a welcoming speech at the ceremony.


Zim secretly awards Marange’s Portal B to Anjin – report

The Zimbabwean government has been accused of secretly awarding Anjin Investments the right to mine in Portal B at Marange diamond fields, which is under the concession of the state-owned Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC), according...


Birmingham jeweler pleads guilty to wire fraud in diamond business

A Birmingham jeweler known for auctioning off, four years ago, a diamond engagement ring that once belonged to President Donald Trump former wife, pleaded guilty on 21 Sept 2020 to one count of wire fraud, as per media reports.


AGD DIAMONDS unearths 108-carat diamond

The Grib Mining and Processing Division of AGD DIAMONDS unearthed a gem-quality diamond weighing 108.38 carats on September 19, 2020.


Young Diamantaires: We create initiatives for the benefit of diamond communities worldwide

29 june 2020

Image credit: Young Diamantaires

rachel_sahar_xx.pngshai_schnitzer_xx.pngThe World Federation of Diamond Bourses recently launched its Young Diamantaires website.

The organization has worked for the past four years with young members of the diamond community all over the world to create a platform through which they can express their thoughts, opinions and views in a safe and constructive manner.

In an interview with Rough&Polished, Young Diamantaires active members Rachel Sahar and Shai Schnitzer jointly answered questions related to the group's activities.

Please tell our readers about your organization.

The Young Diamantaires is an international group of people from all layers of the diamond & Jewellery industry. We aim to help each other, build far reaching relationships and support the broader diamond pipeline wherever our input is required.

When and by whom was it created?

The Young Diamantaires project was launched in 2016 at the 37th World Diamond Congress in Dubai by a group of 13 members leaded by Rami Baron who initiated the concept.

Rami is an Executive member, Chairman of the Promotions committee of the WFDB, and President of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia.

Rami identified a need to create a platform for the next generation of diamantaires to communicate their ideas, passion, and inspiration that our industry needs to bring us into the new century.

Who can become a member of the organization?

We welcome any member of international diamond & jewelry trade organizations, who would like to contribute to the growth of the diamond landscape.

What programs do you implement?

The Young Diamantaires is a group, and not a trade organisation. As such it does not execute programs, but rather is oriented towards creating a network and platform of like-minded professionals within the diamond and jewellery industry. That said, we do create initiatives that lie within the framework of our organisation, for the benefit of diamond communities worldwide; and our platform empowers women to create and lead within our industry.

What is the main goal of your organization for its members in the current crisis?

“Never Waste a Good Crisis.” In moments of hardship that affect our community around the world, we support each other, we share experiences and focus on the mindset of making the most out of it and approach everything as an opportunity.

In my eyes, a supportive young global network of diamond & jewelry manufacturers, traders, local jewelers and retailers (some family-owned for generations), sharing information with each other - this is the right place to get your most valuable insights.

We try to find the opportunities within the current situation. We have been using the extra time out of office, to strengthen the connections among the members of our group; listen to each other’s thoughts and ideas; and discuss the ways to operate within the “new normal” once worldwide lockdowns expire.

What measures do you think should be taken to overcome the crisis in the diamond and jewelry industry?

Lonely wolf – OUT. Collaborations – IN. Throughout the supply chain. I can totally see collaborations between jewellers & manufacturers/old & new generation/mining companies with sales platforms, etc.

Proactivity - By being proactive during the crisis you can turn it into a tool for reaching out - a great example we saw during the lockdown was the daily webinars. The ears were open because people were actively looking for information and now they are actively looking for answers/forecast/solutions.

Ecosystems – That is how all parts fit together rather than separate units. Companies with healthy ecosystems of Suppliers, Partners, Vendors, Services & Global Presence can find ways to work together because those are the relationships that build on trust, not only transactions.

Trade shows VS Online Trade Shows – Accelerating the adoption of digital solutions (Online Platforms-Online auctions- online sales), as we all understand traveling freely will take some time.

We believe this big lockdown will further emphasize trends which have been gaining pace even before the pandemic erupted. When asset prices worldwide become more vulnerable and volatile, the value of an ever-eternal diamond as a robust asset which represents good investment, would be clear to more people; furthermore this current situation would strengthen the trend of buying diamonds online, including integration of supportive technologies to strengthen consumer confidence; while on the other hand, we believe the global lockdowns and their temporary implications on global trade, would in turn emphasize the power of local communities, and the seamless touch among their members. To the diamond business, it could mean better interaction among consumers and their local jewellers.

What is your attitude to synthetic diamonds and precious stones?

Our group is part of the natural diamond ecosystem. As such, we will collaborate with all organisations which look to grow the natural diamond segment in an ethical and equitable manner.

We acknowledge the fact there is some market demand for synthetic diamonds. Even though theirs is a totally different product, separate to the great values of eternity, love and great bonds reflected through the facets of the beautiful natural diamond; we respect their willingness to market their goods, as long as it is done in a transparent manner.

What are your plans for the near, medium and long term?

Near and medium term, we would like to further develop our newly launched website,; we would like to expand our membership base; and create tools for members to communicate within our network and website. We are busy with fundraising for a project and are working on all the elements as we go to print.

Long term, we would like to create a platform which empowers women and cultivates a productive dialogue among its members; which in turn would nurture their rise to future leadership roles within the natural diamond and jewelry trade; that by providing a runway into diamond industry organisations where our members can get a sense of public activities done for the sake of our industry.

Alex Shishlo, Editor of the Rough&Polished European Bureau