Petra sees a low risk of further breaches at the Williamson mine

There is a low risk of further breaches of the tailings storage facility (TSF) or a breach of the New Alamasi water dam at the Williamson Mine in Tanzania, a Petra Diamonds assessment team has concluded. The wall breach took place on 7 November...


Rio Tinto’s rare yellow and pink diamonds showcased in symbolic ring

A yellow and pink diamond ring showcasing the finest gems from Rio Tinto’s diamond mines has been unveiled in Sydney.


Nornickel presents metals market review

Nornickel, the world’s largest producer of palladium and high-grade nickel and a major producer of platinum and copper presents the tenth review of the nickel and platinum group metals (PGM) markets based on the fundamental analysis of world...


Tharisa projects higher full-year earnings

Tharisa, a platinum group metals (PGMs) and chrome miner in South Africa, expects its basic earnings per share (EPS) for the financial year ended September 30 to be between $0.53 and $0.54.


Alexkor seeks West Coast diamond contract miners

South African state-owned diamond miner, Alexkor, is looking for contract diamond miners along the west coast of South Africa through pooling and sharing joint venture (PSJV) with the Alexkor Richtersveld Mining Company (RMC).


Lab-grown diamond jewellery sales to breach the 10% mark for the first time this year – Zimnisky

28 november 2022

The supply and demand for man-made diamonds had been on an increase in recent years, much to the discomfort of the natural diamonds industry. Some companies in the mid-stream segment of the natural diamond industry are now involved in the lab-grown business as well. Diamond analyst Paul Zimnisky told Rough&Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa in an exclusive interview that he is expecting lab-grown diamond jewellery sales to go beyond the 10% mark of total global diamond jewellery sales for the first time this year. He, however, said while the demand growth for lab-grown diamonds remains firm, the supply growth is exceeding demand, which is putting pressure on prices.
NB: Zimnisky publishes a professional monthly subscription-based industry report called “State of the Diamond Market” that includes all of his data, forecasts and analysis.

Diamond mining and diamond synthesis: Which is more efficient?

21 november 2022

Vladislav Zhdanov - Professor at the National Research University Higher School of Economics and former Vice President of ALROSA (2015-2018). He is a physicist by profession. Vladislav Zhdanov was educated at the Ural Federal University (General and Molecular Physics), Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, City University London, Oxford University and RANEPA. He has authored a number of scientific articles on the use of synthesized and natural diamonds in modern high technologies, on trends and prospects for their consumption in this area.
Vladislav Zhdanov told R&P about new academic research in the field of diamond mining and diamond synthesis.

The success of TAGS over the past 5 years has encouraged many large tender houses to establish regular and sizeable tender operations in Dubai

14 november 2022

Mike Aggett is an experienced Private Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the mining and metals industry. Skilled in Luxury Goods, Business Planning, Sales, Gemology, and Jewelry, Mike is a professional who graduated from Dover College. Mike Aggett has previously worked with De Beers for 32 years both overseas and in the UK, where he concluded his employment as Head of Client Management responsible for Global Sightholder Sales. Currently being the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Trans Atlantic Gem Sales (TAGS), Mike Aggett is also a Member of the Board of Directors at Dubai Diamond Exchange. Here, in an exclusive Interview with Rough&Polished, Mike Aggett speaks about TAGS’ activities and performance in Dubai…

It all starts with stones - it is they that give impetus, determine the image and embodiment

07 november 2022

Maxim Selikhov is the founder of the SelikhoV Diamonds brand launched in 2006, and the company manufactures unique handmade jewellery with rare high-quality gemstones. He is also known as a collector of unique and large-size jewellery stones who considers them a reliable investment tool, among other things. Maxim Selikhov told R&P about the stones he purchased, recent fine jewellery collections, his participation in auctions and exhibitions, and shared his plans for the future.

‘Our technologies – CVD machines and growing technology – are game changers’, asserts Arnaud Flambeau, Executive Chairman, 2DOT4 Diamonds LLC

31 october 2022

Arnaud Flambeau is the Executive Chairman of ‘2DOT4 Diamonds LLC’, Dubai, a fully integrated lab-grown diamonds company. The Company provides rough 'as grown' diamonds, in-house polished IGI certified loose polished diamonds and high-quality seeds. Arnaud started his career in the jewellery business in 1993 at European Gold Company CLAL, where he was in charge of international brands like Cartier or VCA and their subcontractors. Later he joined Scintilla Monaco as CEO and a shareholder to develop new lines for the Asian and European markets. He opened offices in Monaco, Dubai and Tokyo. He was appointed as a Board Member at the Dubai Diamond Exchange from 2007 until 2013. Here, in an exclusive Interview, Arnaud Flambeau elaborates on the future plans for '2DOT4 Diamonds'.

Stargems brings the DaVinci system to Botswana

24 october 2022

Stargems, which was founded by Shailesh Javeri in 1981, has diversified into manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and tendering or auctioning of diamonds and diamond jewellery.
It is also one of the leading players in the manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing of jewellery. The company recently established a Synova DaVinci Diamond Factory in Botswana, a country that is well known for producing rough diamonds and is strongly encouraging local benificiation. Stargems managing director Vishal Shah told Rough&Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa in an exclusive interview that the acquisition of the DaVinci system, a first in the Southern African region, demonstrates their desire to add value to rough diamonds in the region. The technology, which was also recently introduced in Dubai, cuts and polishes diamonds quicker and with swag.

Coloured diamonds are the best investment option if anyone would like to invest in diamonds

10 october 2022

Dr Sergio Calqueiro, the President and Managing Director of the Dubai-based ‘Foz Gold & Diamonds Trading’ has been dealing in polished diamonds, gold, Import & Export, International trade and development for the past six-plus years. Sergio is also the CEO of High-Tech Concepts Marketing (HTC Marketing), a private corporation in Germany, providing Modular Energy Storage Systems for almost 12 years. HTC also manufactures structural spaces for Storage Systems. Earlier, as COO of JHG GmbH in Germany, Sergio gathered vast knowledge and experience in Engineering and Mining for ten years, but not before his stint in Research & Development of green technologies for three years as CEO of Lightstone Technologies Inc, a London-based company.
Here, in an exclusive interview, Sergio Calqueiro speaks of his dream to build ‘Foz Gold & Diamonds’ into a top trading company, with the opportunity that Dubai Hub offers…

What Jagersfontein diamond mine staff should have done to avoid the dam wall collapse

03 october 2022

A mine dam wall at South Africa’s Jagersfontein diamond mine in Free State province recently collapsed twice within two weeks, killing one person and damaging properties. The dam at the disused mine held liquid waste from a tailings reprocessing operation. De Beers sold the mine and tailings in 2010 to Superkolong Consortium, which comprised black investors. However, Stargems bought the mine and the surrounding dry tailings dumps last April and remain the owner and operator through its South African subsidiary Jagersfontein Developments. Vietti Slurrytec director Andrew Vietti told Rough&Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa in an exclusive interview that the tailings behaviour can be modified for the clays to settle and the thickener to operate properly.
He said it was unfortunate that the mine staff were unaware that modifying the process water chemistry could have solved the problem.

“The global diamond industry must now learn to steer clear of this obstructive and outdated “blood/conflict diamond” terminology,” says Dr M’zee Fula Ngenge, Chairman, African Diamond Council

26 september 2022

Dr M'zée Fula Ngenge, the Chairman of the African Diamond Council (ADC), a Mining Engineer and highly respected Senior Strategy Advisor celebrated 40 years in the global diamond industry this year. He acts as a professional liaison within the international diamond trade and is well-positioned to influence, both, the public and private sectors.  In 1986, Dr M‘zee was instrumental in introducing the Ideal & Super-Ideal Cut diamonds to the global diamond supply chain. These highly sought-after Hearts & Arrow diamonds have rapidly increased in popularity since the 1990s. He also served as Chief Administrative Developer in 2000 and became Project Launch Team Coordinator in 2001 for Kimberley Process (KP), a diamond certification scheme to eradicate blood/conflict diamonds. In 2001, Dr M'zée was a principal trustee and decisive proponent to establish Dubai as a major diamond and jewellery manufacturing centre, laying the foundation for the successful launch of Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) in 2002. In early 2017, M'zée drafted a bold and assertive revenue recovery proposal that urged the Republic of Angola to implement "Operation Transparency; and in late 2018 an internationally lauded campaign that was effective in combatting illegal immigration, unlawful exploration of diamonds as well as environmental crimes related to the plundering of natural resources, such as diamond smuggling. At the beginning of 2019, Dr M'zée was assigned as Chairman and Managing Director of the African International Diamond Exchange (AIDEX), Africa's most transparent rough diamond supplier for four diamond exchanges in Antwerp, the Diamond Exchange District in Ramat Gan, the world's largest diamond bourse in Mumbai as well as the largest Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates. At the end of 2019, he was entrusted as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the African Diamond Trust Fund (ADTF), a fully integrated, autonomous financial depository and vault operator for ethically mined rough diamonds originating in Africa. Here, in an exclusive interview with Rough&Polished, Dr M'zée Fula Ngenge speaks about various issues impacting the global diamond industry currently, but not before touching on crucial matters concerning Africa’s diamond industry and his perception of his country’s future.

Anglo American Platinum makes significant investments in SA’s hydrogen economy

19 september 2022

Anglo American Platinum continues to make significant investments in South Africa’s hydrogen economy, according to a company spokesperson. The Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) miner’s external communication principal Nomonde Ndwalaza told Rough&Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa in an exclusive interview that they are taking a multi-pronged approach to this. She said they made investments and partnerships to establish a hydrogen valley in South Africa, invest in renewable energy, and technological developments such as the hydrogen-fueled mine haul truck. Meanwhile, Ndwalaza said Anglo American Platinum experienced a robust PGM basket price of $2,671 per PGM ounce in the first half of 2022, the second highest on record as a result of strong underlying fundamentals for PGMs. She said they continue to face pressure on PGM prices but the quality of the assets they have means the company have a diversified basket of metals and a strong basket price.

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