Lab-grown diamond jewellery sales to breach the 10% mark for the first time this year – Zimnisky

The supply and demand for man-made diamonds had been on an increase in recent years, much to the discomfort of the natural diamonds industry. Some companies in the mid-stream segment of the natural diamond industry are now involved in the lab-grown business...

28 november 2022

Diamond mining and diamond synthesis: Which is more efficient?

Vladislav Zhdanov - Professor at the National Research University Higher School of Economics and former Vice President of ALROSA (2015-2018). He is a physicist by profession. Vladislav Zhdanov was educated at the Ural Federal University (General...

21 november 2022

The success of TAGS over the past 5 years has encouraged many large tender houses to establish regular and sizeable tender operations in Dubai

Mike Aggett is an experienced Private Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the mining and metals industry. Skilled in Luxury Goods, Business Planning, Sales, Gemology, and Jewelry, Mike is a professional who graduated from Dover College...

14 november 2022

It all starts with stones - it is they that give impetus, determine the image and embodiment

Maxim Selikhov is the founder of the SelikhoV Diamonds brand launched in 2006, and the company manufactures unique handmade jewellery with rare high-quality gemstones. He is also known as a collector of unique and large-size jewellery stones who considers...

07 november 2022

‘Our technologies – CVD machines and growing technology – are game changers’, asserts Arnaud Flambeau, Executive Chairman, 2DOT4 Diamonds LLC

Arnaud Flambeau is the Executive Chairman of ‘2DOT4 Diamonds LLC’, Dubai, a fully integrated lab-grown diamonds company. The Company provides rough 'as grown' diamonds, in-house polished IGI certified loose polished diamonds and high-quality...

31 october 2022

Can gold coins help halt Zim's runaway inflation?

11 july 2022

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) recently announced plans to start selling gold coins towards the end of July as a store of value to curb galloping inflation, which is eroding the local currency. The country’s annual inflation reached about 192% in June, according to official figures.

Investing in precious metals is the best option during uncertain times…

04 july 2022

Gold, platinum, palladium and silver have been recognized as valuable metals and have been coveted for a long time. Today, in a savvy investor’s portfolio, precious metals find an important place simply because of the ease of monetizing them during needy times despite their price volatility.

Seven observations about the diamond pipeline

27 june 2022

Recently, Pranay Narvekar and Chaim Even Zohar published their "2021 Pipeline" report on the IDEX platform. It makes for interesting reading, but in some instances, the authors seem to have formed opinions earlier that they find difficult to let off later.

Zim-Russia platinum project: a dream deferred?

20 june 2022

It was reported on 16 September 2014 that Zimbabwe’s Pen East Investments had teamed up with Vi Holdings through its JSC Afromet subsidiary, to form Great Dyke Investments (GDI), which planned to develop a $3 billion platinum mining project in Darwendale. It was also revealed at the time that Russia’s Vneshecombank would be the lead financier, while arms conglomerate Rostec was a technical partner. The Darwendale project, which is located in the mineral-rich Great Dyke belt was touted as the single biggest investment in Zimbabwe since independence in 1980. The mine had a lifespan of 20 years, with the potential to reach 34 years on further exploration and would see the Darwendale concession on 217 million tonnes of high-grade ore. “The advent of the Russians in Zimbabwe’s platinum scene will bring an additional 250,000 ounces to our current output of 430,000 ounces within the next 36 months,” Mines Minister Walter Chidhakwa was quoted as saying by The Source, a Reuters affiliate publication in Zimbabwe.

Changes in China’s diamond and jewellery industry in recent years…

13 june 2022

During the past few years, China’s diamond and jewellery industry has been growing in leaps and bounds, reaching the second largest market next only to the US. But in the last couple of years, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, China’s growth had slowed down to some extent. According to market watchers, unlike the US and Europe, China and the Far East have not picked up after slowing down with the outbreak of the pandemic. Though China slowly overcame the pandemic and was moving towards normalcy, the recent covid pandemic that struck again slowed down the country’s economy, affecting the diamond and jewellery sector in particular. The current lockdown in certain parts of the country will do more damage than expected, according to market analysts. According to the Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China, the country’s diamond market reached about 79 billion RMB in 2021. China is currently the second-largest diamond industry globally. It is also the top consumer of gold in the world.

Palladium rally does not remove questions about the future

06 june 2022

At the end of last year, a significant part of experts expected a rally in palladium in 2022 after its price approached the COVID lows reached in December at $1,600 an ounce. This forecast was based on a revival in the automotive sector due to the normalized availability of chips and a shortage of metal in the market coming to 500 000 ounces. The palladium rally indeed happened - but the reason for this was not the normalized situation in the auto industry, which is so far producing disappointing results this year primarily due to a slower than expected elimination of the chip shortage. In early March, palladium peaked at $3,339 an ounce amid wide-ranging Western economic sanctions against Russia and concerns about the availability of Russian metal. Although the price dropped to $2,200 an ounce later in the month as Norilsk Nickel's palladium continued to enter the market, the risks associated with Russian palladium create additional uncertainty for consumers and contribute to price volatility.

The Rising Decline of Institutional Credibility

30 may 2022

On the 04th March 2022, the United Arab Emirates was placed on the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) ‘grey’ list, an inclusion that not only comes with increased monitoring and scrutiny, but the possibility of reputational damage, ratings adjustments, challenges obtaining global finance and higher transaction costs. Responding to the announcement, the UAE’s Executive Office of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing stated that, “the UAE takes its role in protecting the integrity of the global financial system extremely seriously and will work closely with FATF to quickly remedy the areas of improvement identified.” The UAE also committed to implementing the recommendations of the International Cooperation Review Group’s (ICRG) Action Plan to remove itself from the grey list as quickly as possible.

Oil discovery in Namibia: Lessons that can be derived from diamond mining

16 may 2022

Shell confirmed the discovery of light oil at the Graff-1 well offshore Namibia in early February, which marked the first oil find for the southern African country. The Graff-1 well was drilled to a total depth of 5,376 meters in water depths of approximately 2,000 meters. Further drilling in the petroleum exploration licence (PEL) 0039 area is expected to begin towards the end of 2022.

Jewellers’ costs for self-control are rising

09 may 2022

The fact that there is an intention in Russia to replace traditional currencies - the dollar and euro - for gold as an investment tool for the population became clear even when the Tax Code of the Russian Federation was amended to allow the sale of refined gold bars by individuals without a VAT. Now, the idea of a more global replacement of the dollar and euro with gold has been further developed. N. P. Patrushev, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation told this in his interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta (Russian Newspaper) to confirm these intentions of the State. He said that in the project proposed by the scientific community to create a two-circuit monetary and financial system in Russia, the rouble will be backed by gold, as well as by a group of goods that are currency assets, in accordance with the real purchasing power parity. However, E. S. Nabiullina, Chairwoman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, made a statement later “As for the pegging of the rouble exchange rate to gold, this is not discussed in any way.” That, however, does not mean that this will not be discussed later.

Global gold market

02 may 2022

Gold has been known to people from the earliest times. Since it occurs in nature in a free (native) state, and not only in the form of compounds, perhaps, gold can be considered one of the first metals discovered by people. In different periods of the development of the world economy and monetary relations, the role of gold changed. However, its function as a reliable means of wealth preservation remained unchanged.