Pandora’s endorsement of lab-grown stones will not devalue natural diamonds – Zimnisky

Jewellery retailer Pandora recently announced that it will no longer purchase natural diamonds as it had switched to lab-grown diamonds. However, diamond market analyst Paul Zimnisky told Rough&Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa in an exclusive interview that...

07 june 2021

“The volume of Forevermark diamonds that we drive through Indian partners is much higher than in other parts of the world,” says Sachin Jain

Sachin Jain has been a part of the Indian arm of De Beers that dates back to 2010 when he came on board as Head of Retail. In year 2014 he took over as President of Forevermark and today he is the Managing Director of De Beers, India. His single-minded...

31 may 2021

GSI's new Jaipur office to specialize in colored gemstones

Gemological Science International (GSI) has opened a new laboratory in Jaipur, India. Since this state is the capital of colored gemstones, the laboratory will have a dedicated division specializing in colored gemstone geographical origin and...

24 may 2021

“We welcome the mandatory hallmarking in the interest of consumers, but it is also essential to have proper and evenly spread infrastructure across India,” asserts Ashish Pethe, Chairman, GJC

Ashish Pethe, Chairman of All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC), formerly known as All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) is based in Mumbai. As the third-generation heir of M/s Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers established...

17 may 2021

ALMAR is a case in point that will serve to develop the process of funding junior companies and geological exploration in general

Arkticheskaya Gornaya Kompaniya (AGK, Arctic Mining Company) develops the diamond deposits in the Lena-Anabar diamondiferous sub-province of Yakutia under the ALMAR (Diamonds of the Arctic) brand. This company attracts investments for...

10 may 2021

Many of the proposed diamond backed Cryptocurrency schemes simply risk repeating the mistakes of history

29 march 2021

Now the diamond trade is awash with stories of new “diamond backed” crypto schemes. Maybe crypto today is what was for us the tech boom of the late 1990’s; ignore it and you miss making a fortune. But basing a crypto product on diamonds risks creating the same underlying problems we had when diamonds became The Investment of choice in the 1970s. Even if high inflation (the root cause of the move into hard assets in the 1970’s) isn’t the same threat today, using diamonds to back a crypto product has great potential to cause lasting harm to the diamond market, just as the events of the 1970s did then.  

Strong comeback of the diamond industry

22 march 2021

The diamond industry, which bounced off the bottom in July and August last year, received a strong support from the strong holiday jewellery sales, and in 2021, it is ready to compete in the growth rates with other beneficiaries of the global economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. January-February 2021 again proved to be successful for all segments of the ‘diamond pipeline’ as the diamond miners demonstrated the record sales, the midstream margins grew amid high diamond prices, and jewellery sales exceeded all expectations. The diamond inventories in the pipeline are at their lowest in 7-8 years, which prompts the diamond cutters to buy heavily while the consumer demand is supported by the US stimulus package. The confidence in the market stability allows the diamond miners to raise prices for rough diamonds that have already returned to their pre-crisis levels, as well as to speed up resuming the operation of the mines that were under care and maintenance last year.

Diamonds vs coloured gemstones

15 march 2021

Rough&Polished correspondent Sergey Goryainov sat down for a talk with Professor Andrey Ametistov, a Russian gemologist to discuss similarities and differences between the diamond market and coloured gemstones market.

Blessing in disguise: pandemic and a new interest in diamonds

08 march 2021

The period 2020-21 of the global diamond and diamond jewellery industry could be termed as the most trying and arduous ever faced in recent times. When COVID-19 made its appearance, the diamond industry as part of the luxury sector was majorly impacted, due to lockdowns, travel restrictions and other hurdles. This, in turn, resulted in demand for diamond and diamond jewellery becoming localized which again put a brake on the growth of the industry globally, negatively impacting the economies of most countries. But, the diamond industry, slowly and surely, returned to a strong position towards the 2020 year-end, bring the much-needed cheers and confidence across global.

Growth Momentum in Recovery as We Review 2020

01 march 2021

In the first half of 2020, the COVID-19 swept through the world against our expectations. In the second half of 2020, the market recovered faster and better than we thought. In the gloomy year of 2020, we do see the dawn of light and strength.

Indian diamond industry: Looking forward

22 february 2021

As of now, with the markets opening worldwide after the COVID-19 lockdown, the gems and jewellery industry seems to be in recovery mode and exports have begun to markets in the United States, China, Hong Kong, Europe and other countries. The Indian diamond industry is optimistic about exports picking up after lockdown, as there are initial signs of recovery from markets in the US, China and Europe… and export orders have seen a steady rise over the past 4-5 months. The gems and jewellery export units are working in full swing and trade is getting back to normal recovery of exports.

The ‘Godfather’ of the USSR diamond industry: a portrait against the background of the era

15 february 2021

Exactly 80 years ago, in 1941, the Uralzoloto Trust’s Teplogorsk diamond mine began its commercial diamond mining at the placer deposits of the Western Urals. That was the birth of the USSR diamond industry. This industry had an undeniable ‘father’ whose personality and biography are so extraordinary that he must not escape our attention in connection with the glorious anniversary.

Vast Resources waiting for Godot in Chiadzwa?

08 february 2021

AIM-listed Vast Resources said in September 2019 that it had concluded a joint venture with Chiadzwa Mining Resources, a company designated to represent Chiadzwa Community interests in the Chiadzwa Community Diamond Concession. The joint venture resulted in the establishment of Katanga Mining, which will in turn partner with the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) to mine diamonds in Marange.

Polished diamonds for investor: Is it so rewarding to buy them?

01 february 2021

Among many surprises brought by 2020, there was an unprecedented surge in the interest of the Russian residents in the stock market as the number of brokerage accounts increased from 4.2 to 8.8 million. The trading volume in the stock market hit an all-time record to double the 2019 result. But the main interest of the Russian investors was focused on the foreign, primarily, US issuers. Through the portfolio investments, the Russian residents transferred $10.2 bn abroad, which is 5 times more than in 2019. The beneficiary of this process was the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange that offers over 1,500 most liquid foreign instruments to the Russian investors and increased its turnover from $5 bn to $25 bn in 2020. The main reasons that the Russian residents prefer the assets in US dollars are clear. This is, first of all, the desire to indemnify from the depreciation of the rouble and diversify the portfolio through the instruments that are completely absent or underrepresented by the Russian companies. For example, in the pharmaceutical sector that looks especially attractive due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian counterparts of Pfizer, Merck or Johnson & Johnson simply do not exist. The same can be said about a dozen more sectors of the economy - unfortunately, the Russian stock market is catastrophically narrow in comparison with the US one. Jewelry retail also belongs to such sectors. There are no Russian issuers here, and the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange offers the investors the shares of the US-based Signet Jewelers Limited (NYSE: SIG), the largest diamond jewelry retailer, which have been showing very interesting dynamics lately.

Moscow Jewelry Week: Wishful thinking or a reality?

25 january 2021

As they write now in every article about the jewelry business, the past 2020 turned out to be very difficult for the jewelry industry throughout the world. The drop in sales, the restrictions of flights, the bans, other restrictions and the cancellation of all exhibitions made all the jewelers look at their business and its prospects in a different way. A lot has already been written about this, and there will be written even more. In this article, I would like to dwell on such a very topical issue for the Russian jewelers as the Moscow exhibitions. Despite the fact that our NS CNC company does not directly conduct business in Russia, however, for many years, I have to visit the main Moscow Junwex Exhibition held at the VDNKh (Exhibition of National Economy Achievements) every year in autumn and I visit sometimes the Junwex Exhibition held in St. Petersburg where our machines are usually exhibited. My opinion is that of an outside observer.