Chris Del Gatto: “We provide capital to smart companies”

Chris Del Gatto, CEO & Co-Founder of DELGATTO Diamond Finance Fund L.P., a New York-based non-bank lender to the diamond and jewelry industry, started his career as a diamond cutter when he was just 17. In his early 20’s, Chris went on to co-found a...

26 october 2020

Lunhianga Project: "The forecasts for this year point to the production of about 100 thousand carats of diamonds"

Advanced information, by the coordinator of Endiama’s Lunhinga Project Management Committee, Adérito Gaspar, points to a drop in production due to the pandemic, but with good prospects in view of the potential of the kimberlites of Camatchia, in production...

19 october 2020

Crisis is the way to development

Maria Krasnova belongs to the second generation of the St. Petersburg jewellers. She is a daughter of Pavel Sokolov, the founder of ‘Samotsvety ot Sokolova’ (Gems by Sokolov), a jeweller and expert gemologist famous for his collection of unique...

12 october 2020

Gaetano Cavalieri: Diamond producers no longer insisting that clients purchase what they are offered

Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri has served for the past 19 years as president of CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation. Uniting national jewellery and gemstone associations from more than 40 countries, including Russia, and many of the industry’s major corporations...

05 october 2020

Worth of gold and diamonds

Initiatives in Arts and Culture and De Beers recently co-hosted a webinar on the worth of gold and diamonds. The webinar, which was moderated by Mickey Alam Khan, the founder and editor of Luxury Daily, featured Jeffrey Christian, founder and managing...

28 september 2020

Japan's diamond market: spring, summer, autumn, winter and … spring again?

26 october 2020

Several decades ago, Japan was one of the world's major diamond jewellery consumers, along with the United States. That said, there was virtually no diamond market in the country until the middle of the 20th century. The question arises as to how it gained momentum and powerful development and why it is now in the slow lane? Let's try to figure it out.

Angola liberalizes mining industry

19 october 2020

Angola is experiencing a new moment in its political history, with governance now led by the new President of the republic, João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, who replaced José Eduardo dos Santos, who led the country's destinies for 38 years. The new Head of State chose to fight corruption, impunity and nepotism as the banner of his government but at the same time has listed reforms in different sectors of the national life, such as the bet on the diversification of the national economy with a strong bet on agriculture. The basis of an entire economy that aims to be revitalized.

Can the diamond market take revenge?

12 october 2020

The diamond market suffering from an oversupply of rough diamonds and changes in the consumer priorities in retail turned out to be a fertile ground for the seeds of COVID-19 that is devastating to the global economy. The coronavirus almost completely froze the diamond trade and forced major players to make unprecedented concessions to their customers - that said, the sales figures have been 10 times less than usual for a long time. Nevertheless, August, traditionally strong for the diamond market, maintained its status despite the fact that the tourist activity being the main driver of demand during this period was clearly lower than last year. The signs of a new cycle in the market were the resumption of jewellery sales in China, an increase in the workload at the Indian cutting and polishing units, as well as an increased demand for rough diamonds. The signs of recovery are very slight now and the situation is entirely dependent on the possible repeated national lockdowns that can decrease the anticipated holiday sales when the industry could take revenge for five difficult months of this year.

Namibia’s diamond production and exports in 2006-2020: from one crisis to another

05 october 2020

Namibia is among the largest global diamond production countries and exporters. Namibia’s offshore rough diamonds are beyond competition as they are brought to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in the safest form, and their extraction using mining vessels is not very expensive and the value of one carat is several times higher than that of the diamonds mined from the kimberlite rocks in Africa.

Will diamonds shine brighter than other luxury items?

28 september 2020

According to Bain & Company (The Global Diamond Report 2019), the global jewellery market in 2019 was estimated at approximately $330 bn. Diamond jewellery sales are estimated at $80 bn, and its luxury segment accounts for about 10% (~$8 bn) of the sum. For comparison, the luxury watch market is at $39 bn over the same period, leather goods at $57 bn, and the apparel market at $64 bn (Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study, Fall-Winter 2019). The fashion market accounts for about a quarter of the total luxury goods market. According to the experts from the McKinsey agency (A multifaceted future: The jewelry industry in 2020), the jewellery market should develop following the luxury apparel market.

Botswana and the global economic crisis

21 september 2020

At present, in terms of diamond mining, this country rightfully has a world lead in the diamond production and the value of rough diamonds. Botswana is also among the major rough diamond exporters in the world.

Junior companies in the diamond industry in Canada and Russia

14 september 2020

Junior companies in the mining industry are understood as small and medium-sized enterprises, the purpose of which is the prospecting and exploration of new mineral deposits. At the same time, upon the discovery of a deposit, a junior company can either sell a licence to a mining company or start developing it on its own. The juniors can develop into large mining companies or specialize exclusively in geological exploration.

Sodiam, a time bomb

07 september 2020

Until September 2017, the end of the ‘never-ending’ presidency of José Eduardo dos Santos, Angola’s diamond industry was quite an obvious system common for such forms of government control. All decisions were taken by the family of the head of the state in the person of its most pro-active member - Isabel dos Santos, the president’s eldest daughter. By coincidence, she was also Africa's first female U.S. dollar billionaire.

ALROSA gets second bailout

31 august 2020

Industry insiders increasingly spread rumors that the decision to purchase the ALROSA's rough diamonds by Gokhran has been made in principle and that the diamond sorting and grading have allegedly already begun under this agreement. The value of this transaction ranges from $0.5 bn to $2.0 bn but most believe that the deal will be at the level of $1 bn. The situation resembles the crisis of 2008-2009. However, the current crisis has a number of differences.

Second-tier companies: Lucara Diamond Corporation, a rising star in global diamond mining

24 august 2020

Lucara Diamond Corporation is one of the newly established and rapidly growing diamond mining companies. The company owns 60% of the AK6 kimberlite project at the Karowe mine in Botswana developed by its wholly owned Boteti Mining Limited.

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