Unifying role is the main objective of the National Gemological Association

Yuri Shelementiev runs the Gemological Centre (GC) at the Moscow State University and is a president of the National Gemological Association (NGA) uniting the gemologists of Russia. The head of the MSU’ GC and the NGA answered the R&P’s...

15 july 2019

“Our goal is to bring clarity to the offering of Lab Grown Diamonds”, asserts Chris Casey, President, Lab Grown Diamond Council

Chris Casey is a 15-year veteran of the diamond and jewelry industry.  Chris also has extensive experience in market research as Founding Managing Director of the NPD Diamond and Diamond Jewelry Service where his responsibility included the...

08 july 2019

Dr. Michael S. Krzemnicki: Our dedication to scientific research is an important foundation to our expertise

Dr. Michael S. Krzemnicki, PhD, Director of the Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF, in an interview with R&P told about the activities and plans of one of the world's leading Gemological laboratories specializing in scientific research of diamonds...

01 july 2019

“Lab-Grown Diamonds is probably the biggest scam this industry has ever seen,”: Leibish Polnauer, Founder-President, Leibish & Co.

An interesting story from the Leibish & Co takes you way back to the year 1979 when young Leibish Polnauer, then a diamond polisher, was travelling to London, having just found out that the factory at which he worked had been shut down. He found an advertisement...

24 june 2019

Botswana mining industry players speak on speculative exploration licences

Speculative mineral exploration licences was a recurring theme from presentations made by three players in Botswana mining industry at a conference convened in Gaborone. The country has issued thousands of exploration licences, across the mining industry...

17 june 2019

ALROSA and Mugabe's legacy

15 july 2019

Earlier this year, ALROSA announced a new testing ground for its activity in Africa. This testing ground, unexpectedly for market analysts and African experts, was Zimbabwe, the country that survived the fall of Robert Mugabe’s seemingly unshakable regime in November 2017 and now interested in an inflow of foreign investment to revitalize its economy. In the beginning of the 2010s, this country was claiming to be one of the world’s top three diamond producers, but currently, for natural and man-made reasons, it occupies modest positions. Nevertheless, according to the management of ALROSA, Zimbabwe, along with Angola, is one of the two African countries with a very high geological potential.

The large diamond recovery technologies used at the national facilities and abroad and their development prospects

08 july 2019

The technologies to recover large rough diamonds from the ore deposits both in Russia and abroad include the disintegration, classification and direct beneficiation according to size categories. The difference lies in the equipment and technological processes used at each of these stages. The fundamental difference of the national technology is in the disintegration of the diamond-bearing raw material in primary crushers, up to 400 mm, and then autogenous grinding mills are used, while at the factories abroad, three-stage crushing is used. However, this is exactly what leads to different rates of recovering undamaged large stones.

Jewelry industry and the state: not a priority area

01 july 2019

It should be noted that the entire sphere of precious metals and precious stones (PMPS) was unlucky from the very arrival of capitalism to the space of the former USSR. 1993 gave the start to the “diamond scam” as it was later called, the main figure of which was Andrei Kozlenok, the founder of Golden ADA, Inc. It doesn’t matter if it was a really planned scam, or it was a common management mistake due to inexperience, but unlike all other sectors of the economy, the PMPS sphere did not receive that degree of freedom, which all other areas had from the very beginning, when the country’s economic legislation was liberalized during the ongoing privatization.

JCK Las Vegas 2019 through the eyes of an exhibitor

24 june 2019

The JCK Las Vegas Show is the largest and most representative jewelry exhibition in North America. More precisely, it embraces several exhibitions going on at more than 20 pavilions, which bring together about three thousand different companies from various countries engaged in the jewelry business for a whole week in Las Vegas - the so-called Las Vegas Jewelry Week.

In anticipation of ALROSA shareholders meeting: Results of 2018 and prospects for 2019

17 june 2019

At the end of June 2019, a General Meeting of Shareholders will be held, where the results of 2018 will be summed up and the ALROSA’s shares dividends for 2018 will be decided on. Taking into account the interim dividends paid for the first half of the last year in amount of ₽43.7 bn, or ₽5.93 per share, the money will be allocated for dividend payments based on the H2 2018 results. The Supervisory Board of ALROSA recommended the General Meeting of Shareholders to allocate 100% of the free cash flow for the dividend payments, which makes ₽30.3 bn, or ₽4.11 per share.  

Have Russians fallen out of love for jewelry?

10 june 2019

In recent years, while reading the press, one can often come across opinions that the popularity of jewelry in Russia is plummeting, and the interest towards jewelry among the population is waning. Naturally, this issue is arousing concern on the part of jewelry trade and jewelry manufacturers. In contrast to commodity markets trading in many other goods, the jewelry market in Russia, thanks to the statistics of the assay supervision service, is sufficiently clear and predictable. However, the data coming from the Russian State Assay Chamber (RSAC) are only a statement of facts that require analysis.

What We Call Man-made Diamonds Could Ultimately Determine Their Success

03 june 2019

When Signet jewelers’ (NYSE: SIG) e-commerce subsidiary James Allen began offering man-made diamonds in May, the company added an additional search tab to the site: “Earth-created diamonds” or “Lab-created Diamonds.” Up until this point, websites offering both products typically defaulted to natural diamonds or simply “diamonds” providing a further filter required to search for the man-made variety.

The place and role of synthetics in gem markets

27 may 2019

A dramatic breakthrough in the development of diamond synthesis technologies, which occurred during the last five years and is also accompanied by a significant decrease in production costs, has caused a lively debate in the industry on what kind of niche in the market can be occupied by synthetic diamonds. To date, there are two main positions. The first is that the synthetic market and the market for natural diamonds are different markets, they should not intersect, synthetics will never replace natural diamonds, and in the best case will be in the rank of expensive imitation jewelry. Proponents of the second position argue that synthetics are a direct competitor to natural diamonds able to oust natural analogues in the foreseeable future, at least in the category commonly called "Indian goods". For obvious reasons, diamond mining companies adhere to the first point of view, while the second is supported by producers of synthetic diamonds. The arguments of each of the parties are numerous and, in many ways, speculative, but for the time being we will leave aside their appeals to environmental and ethical issues, as well as their incantations that true love cannot be “synthetic”, and look at the task in historical retrospect.

The Last International

20 may 2019

The best diamond deposit in the world - the International Diamond Pipe (Internatsionalnaya in Russian) containing more than 7 carats of diamonds per tonne, was discovered by Soviet geologists in 1969. It was put into operation in record time and developed by the open-pit method in 1981. 75% of diamonds in this deposit are of gem quality, exceeding 2 mm in size and priced very high. The country needed high-quality diamonds, and this small diamond pipe was exhausted fairly quickly. Subsequently, the management of the Yakutalmaz Trust decided to build an underground mine, one of the first in the world.

The prospects of the development of the global top diamond mining companies

13 may 2019

The 2009 economic crisis has dramatically changed the pre-crisis balance between diamond mining, cutting&polishing and diamond goods trading companies and the competition between them under these circumstances has sharply increased. As a matter of fact, the third millennium, in which we have lived through quite a measurable part, is bringing about truly unprecedented changes. While until recently, there were four major companies, that played a key role in the diamond industry, nowadays, the situation is changing fast and second-tier companies are beginning to come to the forefront. Therefore, to assess the prospects for the development of the global diamond mining segment at present, it is essential to better define the place and role of companies in the future ranking within the diamond hierarchy on the basis of strategic analysis.

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