Consumers attracted to diamond jewelry more than ever

Ali Pastorini is the co-owner of Del Lima Jewelry and President of Mujeres Brillantes, an association which brings together more than 1,000 women working in the gold and diamond trading sector, mainly from Latin America, as well as from Turkey, Spain...

21 september 2020

WDC actively supports initiatives from mine to retail; and also strives for support for the artisanal and small-scale miners - Edward Asscher, President, World Diamond Council

A member of one of the diamond industry and Amsterdam’s most well-known families, Edward Asscher was elected President of the World Diamond Council in June 2020 for a two-year term. Asscher is serving a second time as WDC President, having led the organization...

14 september 2020

Diamonds are one of the few things that have held human fascination in every nook and cranny of the world across time

Dr Usha R. Balakrishnan, a preeminent historian of Indian jewellery based in Mumbai, is Chief Curator of the World Diamond Museum. Being the author and co-author of several volumes of Diamonds Across Time, a new book and an important venture launched...

11 september 2020

Botswana Diamonds to bulk sample KX36 kimberlite, sees commercial potential

Botswana Diamonds recently acquired Petra Diamonds’ exploration assets in Botswana for $300000. The assets that were owned by Petra through its wholly-owned Sekaka Diamonds Exploration, include the KX36 project, a 3.5 hectare kimberlite that was a new...

07 september 2020

Indian diamond industry looks for recovery options

Webinars being the order of the day due to COVID-19 crisis, the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) of India organized a virtual meeting under its UNCUT 2020 Webinar series on 17 August 2020, inviting all stakeholders to discuss...

31 august 2020

Botswana and the global economic crisis

21 september 2020

At present, in terms of diamond mining, this country rightfully has a world lead in the diamond production and the value of rough diamonds. Botswana is also among the major rough diamond exporters in the world.

Junior companies in the diamond industry in Canada and Russia

14 september 2020

Junior companies in the mining industry are understood as small and medium-sized enterprises, the purpose of which is the prospecting and exploration of new mineral deposits. At the same time, upon the discovery of a deposit, a junior company can either sell a licence to a mining company or start developing it on its own. The juniors can develop into large mining companies or specialize exclusively in geological exploration.

Sodiam, a time bomb

07 september 2020

Until September 2017, the end of the ‘never-ending’ presidency of José Eduardo dos Santos, Angola’s diamond industry was quite an obvious system common for such forms of government control. All decisions were taken by the family of the head of the state in the person of its most pro-active member - Isabel dos Santos, the president’s eldest daughter. By coincidence, she was also Africa's first female U.S. dollar billionaire.

ALROSA gets second bailout

31 august 2020

Industry insiders increasingly spread rumors that the decision to purchase the ALROSA's rough diamonds by Gokhran has been made in principle and that the diamond sorting and grading have allegedly already begun under this agreement. The value of this transaction ranges from $0.5 bn to $2.0 bn but most believe that the deal will be at the level of $1 bn. The situation resembles the crisis of 2008-2009. However, the current crisis has a number of differences.

Second-tier companies: Lucara Diamond Corporation, a rising star in global diamond mining

24 august 2020

Lucara Diamond Corporation is one of the newly established and rapidly growing diamond mining companies. The company owns 60% of the AK6 kimberlite project at the Karowe mine in Botswana developed by its wholly owned Boteti Mining Limited.

Platinum looks to the hydrogen future - 2

17 august 2020

The demand for the PGM is decreasing due to the limited sales of new vehicles caused by the increased average length of vehicle ownership (a similar phenomenon was observed during the 2008 financial crisis), says Nornickel. In the first quarter of 2020, the global car production and sales fell by 25% and 20%, respectively, compared to the last year figures. The demand for platinum fell by 17% year-on-year in January-March to 634,000 oz as the plant closures due to COVID-19 made the car output plummet, while uncertainty over the future and caution in spending contributed to an unprecedented drop in sales. Johnson Matthey explains that the temporary closures of automakers will hit the production in the first half of the year, and the consumers’ appetite for high-end purchases is likely to remain low in the rest of the year.

Player No. 3

10 august 2020

The current man-made global crisis has all the chances to dramatically change the landscape of the global diamond industry. I am not saying that the habits of the world’s richest people in the way they consume luxury goods will change greatly (there will be changes, but evolutionary, not revolutionary - this class will never refuse to buy diamonds, LVMH products or airplanes and yachts), I just want to draw your attention to businesses engaged in diamond mining.

Platinum looks to the hydrogen future - 1

03 august 2020

The platinum investment portfolio lacks a strong technology push like the one experienced by palladium in 2015 due to ‘Dieselgate’. The scandal that revealed that gasoline engines were more environmentally friendly than diesel ones*, undermined the platinum's position in the automotive industry and laid the basis for a palladium rally. As a result, the palladium prices exceeded the price of platinum in mid-2017, and the gap has widened since then. Platinum is now at the last year’s level, which may be not so bad for most commodities given the current crisis this year but worse than gold (+24%), palladium (+24%), and rhodium (+29%).

Diamond industry of Angola

27 july 2020

Diamond mining in Angola dates back to 1917 when a consortium of Belgian, English and Portuguese investors established Companhia de Diamantes de Angola, or Diamang. In 1961, a civil war broke out in Angola against the Portuguese colonialism. In 1975, Angola gained independence. In 1981, ENDIAMA, Angola's state-owned diamond company, was set up based in Luanda, the capital of Angola. In 2002, Angola joined the Kimberley Process Certification System. At the end of July 2020, the annual report for 2019 was released.

ALROSA: crisis and diversification

20 july 2020

The diamond industry has already suffered heavy losses due to the pandemic. In fact, today rough diamond sales are suspended globally, and so far, the time limits for this pause are unclear. The possible ‘second wave’ of COVID-19 threatens with new losses, which may result in aggressive measures to save the diamond mining companies, the most capital-intensive part of the ‘diamond pipeline’. Against this background, the old discussion about the diversification of ALROSA’s products is particularly urgent, which, from the point of view of some participants, can be considered as a real anti-crisis measure to hedge the risks due to the current problems facing the rough and polished diamond industry.

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