Will the diamond market face obstacles on the way toward new records?

It appears from all the available indicators that the diamond market is entering the holiday season with insufficient inventories at all value chains due to the reduction in supply. The jewellery sales remain strong, and early data on the Americans'...

17 january 2022

Russian jewellers were fostered by impecunious buyers

The news that the Russian Ministry of Finance set out to create a marketplace focused on the export of Russian-made jewellery to the global market was widely discussed among the Russian jewellery market players. What the Russian jewellery industry can...

10 january 2022

Securing funding for Gahcho Kué supplies

(miningnewsnorth.com) - Mountain Province Diamonds Inc. Dec. 31 provided details of a proposed US$50 million financing arrangement with Dermot Desmond, the Canadian diamond mining company's largest shareholder. Mountain Province owns a 49% interest in the Gahcho Kué...


Dubai Can’t Shake Off the Stain of Smuggled African Gold

(finance.yahoo.com) - In the moon-like landscape of northern Sudan, informal gold miners toil with spades and pickaxes to extract their prize from shallow pits that pockmark the terrain. Mining ore in the sweltering heat of the Nubian desert is the first stage of an illicit...


Everything You Need To Know About Lab-Grown Vs Mined Diamonds

(vogue.co.uk) - As the diamond industry searches for ways to be more sustainable, Annabel Davidson asks: which is the kindest cut of all?

18 january 2022

Angola revises 2022 diamond output target


Angola has revised its diamond output target for the year to 10.5 million carats valued at $1.4 billion, according to media reports citing the country's National Diamond Company (Endiama).

Mountain Province Diamonds announced management changes


Mountain Province Diamonds Inc. announced the appointment of Steven Thomas as Vice President Finance, Chief Financial Officer & Corporate Secretary, April Hayward as Chief Sustainability Officer and Matt MacPhail as Chief Technical Officer.

Richemont announced further sales grow acceleration in Q3 2021


Richemont announced further sales grow acceleration in the third quarter ended 31 December 2021. Sales rose by 32% versus the prior year period driven by double-digit increases in all regions, channels and business areas, in a relatively supportive economic environment.

India’s GJC seeks pro-consumer initiatives through its Budget recommendations


With India’s Union Budget 2022-23 scheduled to be presented on Feb 1, 2022, the All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC) has sought pro-consumer initiatives such as reduction in GST rate on jewellery to 1.25%; increase in PAN Card limit and cash limit & EMI facility for rural and semi-urban India among others, in its Budget recommendations.

Caledonia exceeds its revised full-year production guidance


Caledonia Mining produced 67 476 oz of gold at its Blanket mine, in Zimbabwe last year, which exceeded its revised full-year production guidance. It said 2021 output was 17% higher compared to 2020.

One of the world largest faceted black diamonds – 555.55 carats – on view at Dubai Diamond Exchange


Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) hosted an exclusive viewing of an extremely rare black diamond named “The Enigma” at the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE).

Russia’s Ministry of Finance publishes data on production of gold and silver in the country in January-November


The Russian Federation Ministry of Finance reported that gold production in Russia in January-November amounted to 319.56 (January-November 2020 – 314.41  tons), including mining – 274.14 tons (January-November 2020 – 271.14 tons), associated – 15.51 tons (January-November 2020 – 15.92 tons), secondary – 29.91 tons (January-November – 27.35 tons).

Petra boosts H1 revenue, output


Petra Diamonds has increased its first-half revenue for the fiscal year 2022 by 49% to $264.7 million compared to $178.1 million, a year earlier. The increase was driven by an improved sale of exceptional stones totalling $77.9 million from the previous year’s $40.4 million.

New Angolan diamond marketing policy helps lift rough prices – Wetherall

The Angolan administration of President João Lourenço introduced technical regulations for its new diamond marketing policy in 2018 whose objective was to improve the attractiveness and competitiveness of the national diamond industry and grow outside...

17 january 2022

LGDs will continue to be an option for consumers, from the high-quality bridal market to the fashion market

Richard Garard is a founding member of the International Grown Diamond Association, which was established in 2016.  He serves on the Executive Committee of IGDA as President and Secretary General. IGDA was created to represent, promote and...

10 january 2022

Everything is design and design is everything

Born in the Basra pearls family, the first private jewelers to royal families, Ashraf Motiwala is the fourth generation to carry forward the legacy of A S Motiwala. Spearheading the prestigious family legacy, Ashraf Motiwala felt the need to breathe...

03 january 2022

Typical Jeweller is the initiative to promote the Russian jewellery industry

Typical Jeweller is one of the largest websites on the Russian Internet for the new generation jewellers. The total audience, including social media, is over 100,000 people per month. Every day, the latest news from the jewellery industry, educational...

27 december 2021

Johan Erikson: Demand for Natural Diamonds will always remain strong

First Element is a fully independent Diamond Services Company registered in Belgium and South Africa which has become one of the premier diamond valuing, marketing and cleaning companies in the industry. First Element is committed to providing a world-class...

20 december 2021