The state and utilization of rough diamonds in the Russian Federation

The Russian Federation has the world's largest diamond resource base - the gemstone reserves in the country's interior are nearly 1,135 mn carats. In addition, Russia accounts for huge impact diamond reserves in the amount of 268 bn carats. Russia...

06 july 2020

Diamond production in Russia and Yakutia in 2008-2019

Given the slowdown in rough diamond production of mining companies across the world caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it seems interesting to see how diamond mining has developed over the past decade.

29 june 2020

In-store shopping in U.S., Canada at almost half of 2019 levels

( - Shopper visits to stores in the U.S. and Canada are at about half of last year’s levels as businesses reopen after more than two months on lockdown. Foot traffic at North American retailers has risen for nine straight weeks as growing numbers of stores...

10 july 2020

The Rush for the Holy Grail: Cash Flow

( - The desire to generate cash flow, accompanied by pressures to do so quickly, led traders to decrease prices, as the following diamond price chart shows. Month over month, polished diamond prices declined an estimated 3.3% in May. This is the deepest...

09 july 2020

Comment: Why gold is shining again during the pandemic

( - As the yellow metal helped to steady Sharpe ratios for hedge funds and real money alike, all those investment dollars pouring into gold from asset managers and private banks have in turn changed the shape of the metal's own global market.

08 july 2020

An exclusive diamond recovered by AGD DIAMONDS is named after Boris Popov

10 july 2020

A unique diamond recovered by AGD DIAMONDS at the Grib Mine in April 2020 was named after Boris Popov, the statesman who made a significant contribution to the discovery and development of the Arkhangelsk diamondiferous province.

Covid-19 pandemic slows Lucapa Q2 output in Angola

10 july 2020

Lucapa Diamond’s second quarter output at its 40%-owned Lulo alluvial project, in Angola eased 24% to 2,944 carats compared to 3,868 carats, a year earlier.

ALROSA's sales in June “were expectedly low”

10 july 2020

The diamond miner’s total sales of rough and polished diamonds in June amounted to $ 31.3 million, including $ 24.8 million in rough sales and $ 6.5 million in polished sales, according to its trading update released on Friday.

Diamond Fields amends cooperation agreement with TMH over Madagascar project

10 july 2020

Diamond Fields Resources (DFR) has amended its cooperation agreement with TMH Acquisition (TMH), a special purpose vehicle established by Denham Mining to advance the company's Beravina project in Madagascar.

Severalmaz resumes operations at processing plant

10 july 2020

Severalmaz, a subsidiary of ALROSA Group, resumed operations at its processing plant on the Lomonosov diamond field after a temporary shutdown. The ore processing facility, idle since mid-May, was restarted on July 8 and will continue operation until October 8, 2020, ALROSA says in its press note.

Namibia opens applications for new diamond licences

10 july 2020

Namibia, which is the world’s fifth largest diamond producer by value, has opened applications for new diamond licences, local media reports.

ALROSA postpones trading sessions

10 july 2020

The diamond miner’s July trading session, initially scheduled for July 12-17, will take place on July 27-31, according to its press release distributed on Thursday. The company says this decision will support its clients that expressed potential interest in purchasing rough in this period.

Covid-19: Stargems donates 10% of its retail revenue to Dubai Cares

09 july 2020

Stargems, an international diamond company that sources and supply diamonds across the world, has become the first jewellery retailer to donate 10% of its retail revenue to Dubai Cares from 1 June to 31 August 2020.

The need for significant capital investments will be the main trend in the diamond mining industry in 2021-2030

The prospects of the diamond industry in the post-crisis period are discussed by the Rough&Polished correspondent with Sergey Mityukhin, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Honored Geologist of the Russian Federation.

06 july 2020

Young Diamantaires: We create initiatives for the benefit of diamond communities worldwide

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses recently launched its Young Diamantaires website. The organization has worked for the past four years with young members of the diamond community all over the world to create a platform through which they can express...

29 june 2020

Those who implement the right anti-crisis strategies have more chances

It is not surprising that because of the pandemic and the crisis, the most heated debate in the jewellery industry is about what is happening and the possible ways of survival. Irina Slesareva, an expert, art director of the Russian Diamond Line contest...

22 june 2020

The secondary diamond market in Russia is not mature although its prospects are huge

Pavel Barannik, the founder and head of the Moscow Gemological Laboratory, the founder of the Gemological Institute and President of the Moscow Diamond Club, graduated from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). He is an expert and consultant...

15 june 2020

Johan Erikson: The industry needs to spend more on advertising and marketing

First Element is a fully independent Diamond Services Company registered in Belgium, Botswana, South Africa and Dubai. First Element is committed to providing a world class diamond service aimed at adding value to the entire supply chain, from the daily...

08 june 2020