Why did Angola increase its stake in Catoca?

The Angolan state diamond company Endiama increased its stake in Sociedade Mineira de Catoca, making it the majority owner of the miner, which produces about 75% of all the diamonds mined in the southern African country. “The attorney general's...

15 august 2022

Mining companies and indigenous peoples – mutually beneficial partnership

The ninth of August is celebrated under the auspices of the United Nations as the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. On our planet, there are more than 200 million people belonging to aboriginal peoples and ethnic groups. Today...

08 august 2022

The London Metals Exchange has banned Russian nickel from UK warehouses. Does that mean more upside for prices?

(stockhead.com.au) - The LME has finally moved to ban Russian nickel from being sold into UK warehouses. Experts say the move could put additional upwards pressure on prices. The need for nickel to feed the EV industry will support higher prices long term: Poseidon Nickel’s...


Diamond exploration hits a new low — even as rough prices soar

(northernminer.com) - There are few things that are more alluring and exciting than a diamond — but one of them is a significant new diamond discovery. Now those are truly rare. In Canada, we haven’t had a significant diamond discovery for years — and the current lack of...


Russia Fights Efforts to Declare It an Exporter of ‘Blood Diamonds’

(nytimes.com) - Russian diamonds have for years been popular with American jewelers weary of the taint of diamonds from African mines — even those far from conflict areas — that consumers could confuse for blood diamonds. But the debate over Russian diamonds is exposing...

17 august 2022

Zim extends incentive for large gold miners


The Zimbabwean government will continue offering an incentive for the country’s major gold miners to produce beyond set output targets. Bloomberg quoted deputy mines minister Polite Kambamura as saying Harare will allow large producers that exceed their targets to receive 80% of the payment for the additional output in foreign currency.

LME bans Russian nickel from approved UK warehouses


The London Metal Exchange (LME) has banned Russian nickel from its two approved warehouses in the UK exported on or after July 20, mining.com wrote.

Murowa Diamonds sub-contractor fails to pay workers for over five months


Murowa Diamonds’ sub-contractor, Capafare Investments, has failed to pay its workers’ salaries for more than five months, according to local media reports. The development saw workers embarking on industrial action. Capafare responded by dismissing 43 employees.

Canada Nickel Company confirmed discovery at Deloro property


Canada Nickel Company Inc. announced assay results at its Deloro property, which confirm the second significant discovery from the Company's newly acquired properties.

Russian Finance Ministry: Attempts to question Russia's full compliance with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme are unfounded and speculative


The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation commenting on an article published in the New York Times said that Russia has always been and remains an exclusively responsible participant in the Kimberley Process and attempts to question Russia's full compliance with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) are unfounded and speculative.

Sibanye-Stillwater projects lower first-half earnings


Dual-listed Sibanye-Stillwater is expecting its earnings per share (EPS) and headline earnings per share (HEPS) for the six months ended 30 June 2022 to be between 26 US cents and 29 US cents compared with EPS and HEPS of 58 US cents, a year earlier, representing a decline of 47% to 52% year-on-year.

Gem Diamonds H1 revenue up marginally, maintains production guidance


Gem Diamonds' revenue rose 2.36% in the first half of 2022 to $99.6 million compared to $97.3 million in the second half of 2021. The increase in revenue was due to strong demand and robust prices.

Sarine rolls out e-Grading™ for diamond manufacturers enabling in-house diamond grading


Sarine Technologies Ltd has rolled out its AI-based e-Grading™ to the midstream manufacturing segment of the diamond supply chain, enabling objective, accurate, consistent automated grading directly on-site, concurrent with the completion of the polishing process, as per a press  release from the company.

The main factor that impacts the price increase of colored diamonds is that fewer diamonds are unearthed every year

Seasoned senior hi-tech executive Miri Chen, the CEO of FCRF joined the Fancy Color Research Foundation five years ago. Before heading the FCRF, Miri served as Head of Business Operations and Chief of Staff at global technology companies. Her close interactions...

15 august 2022

“We help our clients take on a future that is full of unknown challenges, yet brimming with opportunities,” says Rajesh Shah, Partner, Venus Jewel

Rajesh Shah has been a partner of Venus Jewel since joining the firm in 1985 with a deep focus on business development and sales. Working with his elder cousin Anil and his younger brother Hitesh, he has made the ongoing development of Venus Grading...

08 august 2022

“Soaring inflation, reduced disposable income, consumers’ ability to purchase will be the scenario,” warns Antonio Cecere, President, Geneva Diamond Exchange

Antonio Cecere is the Managing Director of Cecere Group which operates in the diamonds and luxury goods sector, and it includes Cecere Monaco, an alternative investment boutique firm specializing in diamonds, Regina Monte Carlo, a fashion jewellery brand...

01 august 2022

Botswana leads in providing financial incentives for diamond exploration – Campbell

Botswana, which is one of the top diamond producers in the world, continues to provide legal certainty and financial incentives for diamond exploration and mine development, according to James Campbell, the managing director of Botswana Diamonds. He...

25 july 2022

“The future of real diamonds is greater than ever” asserts Leibish Polnauer, Founder- President, Leibish & Co

Way back in the year 1979, young Leibish Polnauer, then a diamond polisher, travelled to London only to find the factory at which he worked had been shut down. But, luckily he found an advertisement from the royal crown jeweler Garrard‘s seeking a 6-carat...

04 july 2022