Young people in China have become the main force of jewellery consumption

Armed with a Bachelor's degree from Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, as well as majoring in Franchise Management, Wang was greatly influenced by his parents in the field of jewelry. This has resulted in his unique opinions about innovative design...


ZCDC re-orients diamond valuation plan as it seeks ‘right market price’

At some point experts claimed that the Marange diamond fields contained between 2 and 7 billion carats of raw diamonds and that Zimbabwe was sitting on over 25 percent of the known diamond deposits in the world. Others even put the value of the Marange...

12 march 2018

Art historian Valentin Skurlov: "Faberge, like all court jewelers, actively used diamonds"

Valentin Skurlov is a historian of jewelry art, a candidate of art history, an honorary academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, a scientific secretary and a herald master of the Faberge Memorial Foundation, and a research consultant for the Fabergé...

05 march 2018

Ari Epstein: The diamond trade is stable again

Ari Epstein, CEO of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), dwelled on the results of the past year and the current situation in the diamond market in his interview to Rough&Polished.

26 february 2018

Lucapa to become a niche diamond company, says Wetherall

Lucapa Diamond believes that it will become the only company in the world with multiple diamond mining operations whose average diamond value is in excess of $1,000 per carat, once the Mothae mine is commissioned this year. Company chief executive and...

19 february 2018

ALROSA to invest 12 billion rubles in a diamond field in the Arkhangelsk Region

12 march 2018

The project is expected to last until 2043

(TASS) - ALROSA will invest 12 billion rubles in the further development of the Lomonosov diamond field in the Arkhangelsk Region. Andrey Pismenny, CEO of Severalmaz (a subsidiary of ALROSA) told this to journalists on a visit to the company’s mining complex.
"It was decided to scale up the project with a lifetime until 2043. Our deposit consists of six diamond pipes, and we are currently working on the so-called southern group of diamond pipes developing the Arkhangelskaya and Karpinsky-1 diamond pipes. It was decided to reconstruct these quarries increasing the amount of extracted ore. <...> This will be the third stage [in the development of this field], and the reconstruction of the Karpinsky-1 and Arkhangelskaya diamond pipes is estimated at 12 billion rubles," he said.
As Pismenny explained, this year his company will start designing a project and purchasing additional mining equipment. "According to our estimates, we will work on the southern group of diamond pipes until 2035, and then starting from 2035 onwards, we will move to the northern group of diamond pipes that are located 5-6 km from the southern group and include the Pionerskaya and Lomonosovskaya diamond pipes, which will be mined until 2043-2045," he explained.
Severalmaz is a Russian diamond mining company, a subsidiary of ALROSA. It owns a license for Europe's largest diamond deposit named after Mikhail Lomonosov, the development of which began in 2005 when the company launched a mining and processing plant with a production capacity of 1 million tons of ore per year. The second stage in the development of this enterprise is considered to have commenced in 2014, when the company commissioned the second module of the factory able to process 3 million tons of ore per year.
There are two diamond deposits in the Arkhangelsk Region. The second one - named after Russian geologist Vladimir Grib – is being developed by Arkhangelskgeoldobycha. In 2017, the revenue raked in by diamond mining companies in the area reached almost 25 billion rubles. Of these, they paid nearly 4 billion rubles in taxes. According to experts, the Arkhangelsk Region produced about 7.5 million carats of diamonds in 2017.


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