Fura Gems tempting India with rubies from Mozambique and emeralds from Colombia

A qualified Chartered Account, Dev Shetty heads Fura Gems Inc as President and CEO, who has recently developed world’s largest emerald mine in Zambia and world’s largest ruby mine in Mozambique. Dev started his career in India but moved to the UK in...

15 january 2018

The Exchange plays a significant role in the global jewellery industry - Li Zhiwei, General Manager, GDGJE

Li Zhiwei, has been engaged in the Gems and Jewellery development management in China’s government department for the past 30 years. He served as Vice Chairman of Gems and Jewelry Association of China for more than 10 years and has effectively pushed...

09 january 2018

Yoram Dvash Hits The Ground Running As Second Term Begins

Having completed his first term in office as President of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), Yoram Dvash sat down with Rough & Polished to discuss his achievements during his first period in office, and plans for the second term following his...

04 january 2018

Eurasian Diamond Center should bring profit and open new prospects and opportunities for all its players

The ALROSA affiliate in Vladivostok established in 2016 was headed by Alexey Ivanov about half a year ago. He was charged with the responsibility for developing business on the company's Far Eastern platform and attracting new customers to the Eurasian...

25 december 2017

NDTC to supply rough worth about $400 m this year

The Namibia Diamond Trading Company (NDTC), a joint venture between the Namibian government and De Beers, said it expects to supply rough diamonds worth $390 million this year. The diamond trader, which has 11 sightholders, had a fixed supply...

18 december 2017

Russian brands receive entrance ticket to the global elite of jewellery design

12 january 2018

The Moscow International Competition "Russian Diamond Line" launched in 2008 by the Jewellery Review Magazine as a platform for bringing new names worthy of recognition to the world level of jewellery design summed up its results. The awards received at jewellery design contests are a prerequisite for the creation of a brand and promoting it on international markets. The winners of the Russian Diamond Line are regular winners at international competitions getting top rates at major jewellery exhibitions. The best Russian brands will form the basis for the exposition to be presented by Russian national pavilions in Hong Kong, Basel and Las Vegas and will receive subsidies from the Russian Export Center as a matter of priority. A distinctive feature of Russian Diamond Line-2017 was the wide geography of participants and winners. By tradition, the best works have been named in four nominations, including Exclusive, Gold Series, Special Diploma of Jury and Grand Prix.


The “Butterfly” ring made by Moiseikin Jewellery House (Yekaterinburg)
The “Anastasia” earrings made by Alexandra Neskreba (Moscow)
The "Spring Flower" earrings made by Nikolay Romanov (Nizhny Tagil)
The "Ocean" ring made by Dmitry Kotlyarevsky (Moscow)
The “Moon River” earrings and ring made by BOGARTA (Kostroma)

Gold Series

Ring "Marilyn Monroe". Larisa Zolotova (St. Petersburg)
Earrings and a ring from the collection "Fern". LEO TOTTI (Togliatti)
Ring from the collection "Curvature of space". "Russian Crafts" (Yaroslavl)
Ring "Night Flower". Beavers (Novosibirsk)
Collection "Eco". KU & KU (Kostroma)

Special Diploma of Jury

The “Jumanji” ring made by Galina Konyaeva (Voronezh) - for using unconventional stones and mastery of performance

Grand Prix

The "Plisetskaya. Dedication" suspension from the “Ballet. Premiere” Collection made by SASONKO Jewellery House (St. Petersburg) - for harmonious design, author's interpretation of the theme and impeccable performance.



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