“I am bullish on the future of the diamond business. Three reasons for this optimism... new discoveries, extending mine life and the increasing demand for diamonds”, says Martin Leake

Martin Leake is a PhD exploration geologist and Six Sigma black belt who has been involved in the rough diamond market since 2004. He worked for BHP Billiton for 22 years and recently left Grib Diamonds where he helped set up a world-class marketing...

18 september 2017

Diamond exploration junior obtained conclusive proof of diamond-bearing kimberlites in Russia’s North

OOO Proex Service, which is searching for diamonds in the Arkhangelsk Region of Russia, discovered seven kimberlite pipes in the Kozolsky license area having spent 15 months for the find. One of the pipes is very similar to the highly diamondiferous...

11 september 2017

People do not just make fun in the social media, they make purchases there

Oksana Senatorova has been famous in the jewellery world for a long time as a publisher of the ‘Navigator in the Jewellery Trade’ journal, organizer of the international contest ‘The Best Jewellery Store of the Year’, curator of professional events and...

04 september 2017

‘There is no illegal tanzanite mining in Tanzania’

Richland Resources, which wholly-owned TanzaniteOne until the Tanzanian government forced it to relinquish half of its stake to the State Mining Corporation (STAMICO), exited the country in 2015 to focus on its operations in Australia. The formalisation...

28 august 2017

David Block: “Intellectual property theft is not just Sarine's problem...whole industry should combat this phenomenon.”

For more than 15 years, David Block served in various senior positions at Sarine Technologies in Israel and India. From 2012 until his appointment as CEO in 2017, Block was Sarine's Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer, with responsibility for...

21 august 2017

Chairman of the Guild of Jewelers of Russia was awarded high distinction

12 september 2017
Chairman of the Guild of Jewelers of Russia and the head of the Estet Jewelry House Gagik Gevorkyan was awarded the Order For Merits to the Fatherland II degree on Sunday.
Gevorkyan started his path in the jewelry industry in 1976, and in 1991 he founded the Estet Jewelry House, which, thanks to his organizational skills, after several years turned into one of the largest jewelery manufacturers in Russia.
Thanks to the fact that Gevorkyan tooled Estet facilities up with the most advanced equipment, and also due to following the best traditions of the Russian jewelry industry, the Jewelry House was recognized as one of the largest in Russia.
Estet develops fast, producing 1.5 million jewelry pieces per year. It has 8000 partners throughout the country, 5 stages of control of its products. Its assortment is about 30 000 jewelry items, it also develops more than 3500 new products per year.
Under the watchful leadership of Gevorkyan, and in accordance with the principles that he affirmed, the Estet Jewelry House turned into a real art center that markedly beautified the cultural map of Moscow. Since 2011, twice a year, the largest jewelry fashion week in Russia has been held at Estet. Since 2014 it holds the annual Charity Jewelry Ball, which has become a unique phenomenon and propagates the best traditions of Russian culture.
Gevorgyan started publishing two magazines for both Estet and the Guild of Jewelers of Russia, dedicated to culture and art. He is also known for his wide public and charitable work.
In recognition of the merits and his contribution to the development of the jewelry industry of Russia, in 2013 Gevorgyan was elected Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Guild of Jewelers of Russia.


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