“I am bullish on the future of the diamond business. Three reasons for this optimism... new discoveries, extending mine life and the increasing demand for diamonds”, says Martin Leake

Martin Leake is a PhD exploration geologist and Six Sigma black belt who has been involved in the rough diamond market since 2004. He worked for BHP Billiton for 22 years and recently left Grib Diamonds where he helped set up a world-class marketing...

18 september 2017

Diamond exploration junior obtained conclusive proof of diamond-bearing kimberlites in Russia’s North

OOO Proex Service, which is searching for diamonds in the Arkhangelsk Region of Russia, discovered seven kimberlite pipes in the Kozolsky license area having spent 15 months for the find. One of the pipes is very similar to the highly diamondiferous...

11 september 2017

People do not just make fun in the social media, they make purchases there

Oksana Senatorova has been famous in the jewellery world for a long time as a publisher of the ‘Navigator in the Jewellery Trade’ journal, organizer of the international contest ‘The Best Jewellery Store of the Year’, curator of professional events and...

04 september 2017

‘There is no illegal tanzanite mining in Tanzania’

Richland Resources, which wholly-owned TanzaniteOne until the Tanzanian government forced it to relinquish half of its stake to the State Mining Corporation (STAMICO), exited the country in 2015 to focus on its operations in Australia. The formalisation...

28 august 2017

David Block: “Intellectual property theft is not just Sarine's problem...whole industry should combat this phenomenon.”

For more than 15 years, David Block served in various senior positions at Sarine Technologies in Israel and India. From 2012 until his appointment as CEO in 2017, Block was Sarine's Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer, with responsibility for...

21 august 2017

Alexander Terentyev appointed Vice President of ALROSA

12 september 2017
Alexander Terentyev, has been the head of the ALROSA representative office in Yakutsk for the past six years, has been appointed the vice president of the company. He will now handle some issues previously supervised by Vice President Ivan Demyanov. The latter will soon be retiring from ALROSA.
In his new position Terentyev will be responsible for interaction with state authorities on the territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the social policy of the company, including the implementation of programs to promote the development of the region and corporate social responsibility programs.
Alexander Terentyev was born on February 28, 1973 in the village of Gvardeyets, Magadan region. In 1999 he graduated from the Rostov State University, majoring in jurisprudence.
From 1999 to 2007 he worked at the legal department of the Ministry of Finance of Yakutia. In 2007-2008, he was the Deputy Minister of Property Relations of Yakutia. In 2008-2011 he became the first deputy head of the Administration of the President and Government of Yakutia. Since 2011, he has been the head of the ALROSA representative office in Yakutsk.
Ivan Demyanov, who has been the vice-president of ALROSA since 1995, is leaving the company due to retirement. In addition to the social bloc and interaction with state authorities in Yakutia, he also oversaw the issues of ALROSA's personnel policy. The personnel policy issues of the company will now be supervised directly by the President of ALROSA Sergey Ivanov.
Ivan Demyanov worked in the diamond mining industry for almost 50 years - first at the Yakutalmaz Trust, where he started as a driver of Myrninsky motor depot, and then - at ALROSA.
"An entire epoch is connected with Ivan Kirillovich (Demyanov), and on behalf of the entire ALROSA team I thank him for many years of hard work and great contribution to the development of the company. Largely thanks to his efforts, ALROSA retained the personnel potential of the diamond mining industry in the difficult period of the 1990s and is today one of the most socially oriented and socially responsible companies in our country. Sincerely I wish Ivan Kirillovich good health, well-being and long life. We will always be glad to see him at our company ", - said the President of ALROSA Sergey Ivanov.


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