A new brand has come to the Russian market - LA VIVION

How this had happened was disclosed in an interview with Rough&Polished by Andrey Yanchevskiy, CEO of LA VIVION, who, having turned from a programmer into a jeweler, proved that algorithms and diamonds are a promising combination in business.

14 august 2017

KGK says Botswana lacks capacity, expertise to produce diamond jewellery

KGK Diamonds Botswana opened its operations in the southern African country and the world’s second largest diamond producer in value terms, in 2014 and it is currently cutting and polishing rough sourced from De Beers’ Diamond Trading Company. Company...

07 august 2017

Jewellery might not come under the category of basic necessity, but for women it is a need

Enchanted by the City of Gold-Dubai, brothers Kiran Pethani and Anil Pethani travelled from their little village in Gujarat, India to Dubai in search of a better livelihood. In 1993, they started working for a jeweller in Gold Souk where they learnt...

31 july 2017

"The government should financially support the setting up of skills development units and Gems and Jewellery parks" suggests Sanjeev Agarwal, CEO, Gitanjali Exports Pvt Ltd.

Sanjeev Agarwal has a unique combination of experience encompassing FMCG, Banking & Finance and the Luxury Retail Sectors with Unilever, Cadburys and Deutsche Bank. Sanjeev’s next move to World Gold Council as Managing Director (India-subcontinent)...

24 july 2017

Virtual Possibilities of Jewellery Market

Online jewellery trading in Russia – since it started boosting and becoming more popular among the consumers - is of keen interest among the market players and is a topical issue. Dmitry Zamyshlyaev, Deputy Head of the Federal State Enterprise ‘Assay...

17 july 2017

Diamcor FY17 revenue tops $6 million as SA project progresses

11 august 2017
Diamcor Mining, which is currently developing its Krone-Endora at Venetia project in South Africa, said it sold 32 627.97 ct of rough diamonds in the financial year ended March 31 for $5.93-million or $136.89 per carat.
The company earned $4.47-million in revenue, a year earlier from the sale of 24 068.01 carats at an average price of $139.74/ct.
“The average price per carat was in line with company expectations, given that the material being processed as part of the ongoing development exercises was largely limited to lower-grade material in the 1 mm to 15 mm size fractions,” it said.
Diamcor said it was focused on the advancement of its diamond project during the period under review.
However, delays in the delivery and installation of certain portions of the expansion efforts strained the company's efforts to advance the project as desired.
“Current efforts at the project are now focused on increasing processing tonnages of material in all size fractions through these new facilities, and to achieve sustained run-times and increased tonnage levels over a period sufficient to allow the company to arrive at initial production decisions for the project as soon as practicable,” said Diamcor.
It said that its operating expenses leaped to $4.79-million during the period under review due to increased operating levels associated with the continued advancement of the project.

Mathew Nyaungwa, Editor in Chief of the African Bureau, Rough&Polished


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