Pavel Vinikhin: ALROSA will make a worthy contribution to the revival of the ‘Russian Cut’ Brand

ALROSA is known as the largest diamond mining company throughout the world. However, not everyone is aware that it has its own diamond-cutting division. For a long time, the activity of DIAMONDS ALROSA remained in the shadows, only occasionally attracting...

16 october 2017

William Lamb: Lucara now knows best routes to market large stones

Lucara Diamond recently announced that Graff Diamonds had bought its 1,109 carat diamond Lesedi La Rona for $53 million. The stone, which is the world’s second largest diamond found since the discovery of the 3,106-carat Cullinan diamond in 1905, failed...

09 october 2017

GSI was the first in the world to begin testing of smaller size diamonds in bulk and has never looked back since - Mark Gershburg

With more than 30 years of experience in the gem lab sector under his belt, Mark Gershburg is an industry veteran widely popular in the global gem and jewelry industry. He began his career in 1980 as a grader but his professionalism, creativity, and...

02 october 2017

Gaetano Cavalieri: Over the long term, demand for diamonds is likely to grow at a steady pace

The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) represents the entire jewelry industry embracing a whole variety of companies, from those mining precious metals and gems to those, which are manufacturing and selling final products. The confederation...

25 september 2017

“I am bullish on the future of the diamond business. Three reasons for this optimism... new discoveries, extending mine life and the increasing demand for diamonds”, says Martin Leake

Martin Leake is a PhD exploration geologist and Six Sigma black belt who has been involved in the rough diamond market since 2004. He worked for BHP Billiton for 22 years and recently left Grib Diamonds where he helped set up a world-class marketing...

18 september 2017

Mirny: ALROSA and EMERCOM are providing support to relatives of missing miners

11 august 2017
The search and rescue operation to save the eight missing miners is continuing in Mirny. The management of ALROSA and that of the Emergencies Ministry (EMERCOM) hold daily meetings with the relatives of the missing miners.
Andrey Kuznetsov, Deputy Chief of the Mir Mine for General and Social Issues says: "We meet with them after each of their phone calls, at their request and if it is necessary to resolve the issues that arise among them to understand the current situation. We try to organize meetings both with technical management, and with the top persons. Igor Sobolev, the company’s CEO constantly meets with them and maintains permanent contacts, explaining what is going on and what are the conditions every day. You should understand that every day the underground conditions change. The technical staff also tries to bring information, because among the relatives there are people with mining education. We provide drawings, documentation, so that we could tell, discuss, understand together what is actually happening. There are, of course, difficult moments. There are elderly people among the relatives and there are young pregnant women - these are our residents of Mirny. With them, at their request and depending on their emotional condition, we communicate more often by phone, but they also come here at will, as soon as some question arises."
Today, Alexey Maryin, the brother of the missing miner from Belgorod, who earlier in a media interview expressed distrust regarding the course of the rescue operation and the sufficiency of the measures taken, will join the group of rescuers and volunteers as an observer. He will be able to descend into the mine and personally see in what conditions rescuers work and what the possibilities of doing work in the current situation are.
Psychologists work with relatives at the hotel. Meetings with relatives are held on a daily basis, the company’s representatives call them several times a day. Every day, upon completion of their meetings the operational headquarters provide all information - including technical details, schemes and routes - to the missing miners’ relatives. The top managers of ALROSA, the management of the Mirny Mining Division, the management of the mine, the heads of mining sections, the trade union, and, of course, the representatives of the Emergencies Ministry, including the deputy minister, also take part in the meetings.
Andrey Kuznetsov noted that the company understands very well the worries and emotions of the miners' relatives. "We affirm with full responsibility that despite any difficulties the search and rescue operation will continue - we are doing everything possible and impossible," he stressed.
Meanwhile, the company managed to free the quarry pit from water and protect the rescuers and miners conducting search underground. The fate of the eight miners who remain in the mine workings since the flooding of the Mir mine last Friday is still unknown.
As previously reported, the company's specialists implemented a plan to close the washout in the quarry pit by dropping off large-size blocks from helicopters. The water accumulated in the quarry was unloaded due to this operation. The danger of uncontrolled discharge of water into the underground mine is prevented and this has made it possible to expand the rescue operations, which are carried out around the clock in three shifts. 320 specialists are involved in the liquidation of the accident consequences - this is a joint grouping of EMERCOM and ALROSA.


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