Christie’s jewellery auctions rescheduled

Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sales are postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus.


Pandora hires new Chief Commercial Officer

Pandora invited Martino Pessina to join the company as Chief Commercial Officer.


COVID-19: De Beers suspends March sight, permits 100% deferrals

De Beers has canceled its third sight of the year, which was set to commence today until Friday this week, due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

30 march 2020

Nano-diamonds will be used to create masks for coronavirus - report

Master Dynamic - an engineering laboratory in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) - studies the properties of nano-diamonds as an antiseptic for the coating of surgical masks.

30 march 2020

Rapaport Price List suspended till May 1

Following an uproar in the diamond industry after the publication of its Price List on March 20, which slashed polished prices by 5% to 9% across all categories of goods, Rapaport announced that its next issue will be released in one month’s...

27 march 2020

Ruin to Resurrection, the Perpetual Path

25 march 2020

Image credit: congerdesign (Pixabay)

( - The growing stream of bad news is threatening to engulf us like a depressing cloud of darkness blocking all light. We are facing widespread infections, rising death numbers, mandated quarantines, nose-diving stock markets, dropping global trade, and above all, deep concern for loved ones. The combination of health threats and economic decline are especially worrying. In some places, political uncertainty is adding another layer of bleakness. Under these circumstances, the easiest thing to do would be to write about how terrible things are right now, and how worse it will be going forward. That would easily reflect the general market sentiment and, after all, bad news is contagious too, as it reinforces our concerns. There are plenty “celebrating” the bad, so instead, I’ll explore a different angle, and back it up with facts and numbers.