Christie’s jewellery auctions rescheduled

Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sales are postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus.


Pandora hires new Chief Commercial Officer

Pandora invited Martino Pessina to join the company as Chief Commercial Officer.


COVID-19: De Beers suspends March sight, permits 100% deferrals

De Beers has canceled its third sight of the year, which was set to commence today until Friday this week, due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

30 march 2020

Nano-diamonds will be used to create masks for coronavirus - report

Master Dynamic - an engineering laboratory in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) - studies the properties of nano-diamonds as an antiseptic for the coating of surgical masks.

30 march 2020

Rapaport Price List suspended till May 1

Following an uproar in the diamond industry after the publication of its Price List on March 20, which slashed polished prices by 5% to 9% across all categories of goods, Rapaport announced that its next issue will be released in one month’s...

27 march 2020

Exploration and diamond discovery potential in Pomorye

23 march 2020

This year, the geological division of AGD DIAMONDS JSC continues to search for new diamond deposits in the licence blocks around the Grib Mining and Processing Division area. In 2019, large-scale exploration was launched in the areas next to the Grib diamond field. The first stage of this project included a comprehensive airborne geophysical study to identify kimberlite-type anomalies promising for detecting kimberlite bodies. Based on the results, a number of areas were identified for verification drilling. At this stage, the company pinpointed several locations for first exploratory boreholes and laid a winter road to provide a forest-free access to the drilling sites.   

The prognostic diamond potential and the possibility of discovering new deposits in the Arkhangelsk region were highly appreciated by the researchers of the Central Geological Research Institute for Nonferrous and Precious Metals, the portal writes referring to the data evaluation made by experts Yuri Golubev, Natalya Prusakova, Yulia Golubeva co-authored with Tatyana Volokovykh, head of the Geology and Licensing of Subsoil Use Department at the Regional Ministry of Nature, and published this year in the first issue of the scientific and technical journal ‘Mineral Resources of Russia. Economics and Management’. 

Location of a future drill hole                                                                                          Image credit: AGD Diamonds

Now, the Arkhangelsk region is the second diamond mining region in the Russian Federation after the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the article says. The total diamond reserves amount to 240 mn carats (about 20% of the Russia's diamond reserves) and are concentrated on two primary diamond deposits, one named after M. V. Lomonosov, and the other - after V. Grib.

According to researchers, a discovery of a diamond deposit similar to the V. Grib mine in the near future can solve the task of reproducing the diamond reserves to ensure a steadily high production level beyond 2030.

“12 areas potential for a diamond discovery have been specified in our region. In the article, we identified the tasks to be solved to increase the investment attractiveness of the Arkhangelsk region and we also listed effective measures aimed at the financial stimulating and administrative easing of the exploration activities. Today, there are 21 effective licenses for diamond exploration in the Pomorye, they are mainly at the engineering stage, exploration works are underway under two licenses,” said Tatyana Volokovykh. 

Preparing a winter road to drilling sites                                                                          Image credit: AGD Diamonds

For his part, Viktor Ikonnikov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Arkhangelsk Region for project activities, speaking at the 9th International Forum ‘The Arctic: the Present and Future’ held in St. Petersburg in early December last year emphasized that only exploration in the Arkhangelsk region can confirm the inferred diamond reserves and help discover new high-potential deposits.

“the exploration is a strategically important issue for our region. The Arctic zone of the Arkhangelsk Region is rich in minerals. For example, we have over 200 mn carats of proven diamond reserves being under commercial development at present. Also, according to researches, the amount of diamonds that can be discovered in future is about 700 mn carats. To achieve this, further exploration is required. It is clear that this process is not simple and involves certain risks,” Viktor Ikonnikov said.

Victoria Quiri, Correspondent of the European Bureau, Rough&Polished, Strasbourg