Rio Tinto’s diamond production down 8 per cent in Q4

In its latest announcement of its Q4 and full-year production figures for 2019, Rio Tinto said that the Q4 diamond production of 2019 at both the Argyle and Diavik mines recorded 8 per cent decrease over that of 2018 production.


De Beers mulls key changes to way it sells diamonds – report

Global diamond giant, De Beers is believed to be considering significant changes to the way it sells diamonds following a terrible year for the companies that cut, polish and trade the gems.


SNZ at Gujarat Hira Bourse declared customs area for rough diamond trading

Leading diamond mining companies from around the world will descend in Surat by the end of February to sell their rough diamonds directly to the city’s diamantaires.


Richemont announces trading update for third quarter

Richemont announced a trading update for the third quarter ended 31 December 2019.


Emerald worth $55,000 unearthed in Russia

The Mariinsky mine, which is located in the Sverdlovsk Province of Russia, produced a unique emerald worth 55 thousand dollars.


The Hidden Cost of Gold: Birth Defects and Brain Damage

10 january 2020
( - Thousands of children with crippling birth defects. Half a million people poisoned. A toxic chemical found in the food supply. Accusations of a government cover-up and police officers on the take. This is the legacy of Indonesia’s mercury trade, a business intertwined with the lucrative and illegal production of gold. More than a hundred nations have joined a global campaign to reduce the international trade in mercury, an element so toxic there is “no known safe level of exposure,” according to health experts. But that effort has backfired in Indonesia, where illicit backyard manufacturers have sprung up to supply wildcat miners and replace mercury that was previously imported from abroad.