Botswana Diamonds decries dearth of funding for diamond exploration

Botswana Diamonds said there is a “very little” appetite for funding diamond exploration by financiers.


Pallinghurst gets strong backing for Gemfields takeover

Pallinghurst said it received 96 percent support from its shareholders for the Gemfields takeover – making its offer wholly unconditional.


Mountain Province Diamonds Inc. announced the results of its recently completed fifth diamond sale.

The results from the fifth sale are elevated in part from the inclusion of a selection of the fancies and specials won by the Company otherwise scheduled for inclusion in the sixth sale, which will occur in the second half of July.  


Christie’s Sells Rockefeller Emerald For $5.5M, Sets Auction Record Per Carat Price

The top sale at Christie’s New York Magnificent Jewels was the Rockefeller Emerald, sold on behalf of a private American collector to jeweler Harry Winston, for $5,511,500, which set a new world auction record per carat of $305,000.


Birks’ US Stores Drive Growth

Birks Group’s revenue grew in the past fiscal year as the Canadian retailer significantly increased its sales in the US.


Trump may suspend rules on African ‘conflict minerals,’ say human rights advocates

15 february 2017
(The Globe and Mail) - Congolese warlords and unethical U.S. corporations will be the big winners if U.S. President Donald Trump goes ahead with a reported plan to suspend the restrictions on “conflict minerals” from Central African war zones, human-rights groups say. The latest Trump plan would jeopardize many years of effort to identify minerals from conflict zones so that consumers aren’t inadvertently financing war and rape when they buy cellphones, laptops, jewellery and other products, the groups say.


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