ALROSA is carrying out geological exploration of Mir Mine

The company said on Friday that it had started drilling for further exploration of the Mir kimberlite pipe as part of its strategic investment plan to renew production at this unique diamond deposit.


Yuri Dudenkov, former Vice President of ALROSA dies

Yuri Dudenkov, a former Vice President of ALROSA, who oversaw the company's sales policy, died yesterday.


IIJS Signature’s ‘Special Design Pavilion’ to support women entrepreneurs & designers

This year, IIJS Signature 2020 scheduled from February 13 to 16 in Mumbai, will have a special Design Pavilion, which will feature the works of nine hand-picked women entrepreneurs and nine budding jewellery designers.


Signet Jewelers reports fiscal 2020 Holiday season sales

Signet Jewelers Limited, the world's largest retailer of diamond jewelry, announced its sales for the 9 weeks ended January 4, 2020 (“Holiday Season”).


Zim lack of substantive diamond policy a cause for concern – report

The lack of a substantive diamond policy in Zimbabwe is a cause for concern, according to a local civic society organisation.


Endiama negotiates the return of De Beers to Angola


( - Angola’s national diamond company Endiama is negotiating the return to the country of De Beers and the entry of Rio Tinto, two of the largest mining groups in the world, announced the president of Endiama. José Manuel Ganga Júnior acknowledged in an interview with state newspaper Jornal de Angola that it is important for the country to have the involvement of these two mining groups, “to support the national industry, earn money and raise the bar in terms of production.”

UK Secures Deal to Keep Rough Trade Alive


( - The UK has secured independent membership of the Kimberley Process (KP), enabling it to continue participating in the international rough-diamond trade after the nation leaves the European Union. Britain’s decision to withdraw from the EU on January 31 requires the country to join the KP in its own right, as it is currently a member through the European bloc. Under a deal agreed in November, the UK will maintain EU membership for KP purposes until the end of 2020, and become an independent KP member from January 2021.

The Natural and Lab-Grown Diamond Sectors Need to Stop Fighting

16 january 2020

At the recent Dubai Diamond Conference panel on lab-grown diamonds, William Shor, managing partner of Caspian VC, one of the companies backing Diamond Foundry, made a startling suggestion. “My colleagues would welcome the opportunity to co-market with [natural] diamond producers,” he said. On one level, Shor’s suggestion makes no sense. His colleague, Diamond Foundry chief executive officer Martin Roscheisen, just wrote a magazine piece that accuses diamond miners of “price collusion.” (He provides no real evidence for this claim.) Doesn’t look like he’s ready for co-marketing. On another level, Shor’s suggestion makes all the sense in the world. Why can’t the two sectors work together? Neither sector is going away. They both have money. They both need customers. A large number of companies currently sell both, including, of course, De Beers.

These Common Pricing Mistakes Destroy Luxury Brands

15 january 2020

( - Pricing is one of the most difficult tasks for luxury brands to manage. Even leading brands and seasoned managers fall into the same trap over and over: pricing based on cost and competitors. Because of this, we see a lot of untapped optimization potential in luxury pricing. Many luxury brands are not profitable enough because they make pricing mistakes. But what’s even worse is when their incorrect pricing erodes hard-won luxury positioning with customers. When luxury brands fail and disappear from the market, incorrect pricing is often to blame. It surprises many to learn that many luxury brands are priced too low thanks to bad internal strategies.

Belgium Tightens Access to Diamond Trade

14 january 2020

( - Belgium has introduced legislation requiring managers of diamond companies to prove their good conduct and knowledge of money-laundering laws. The rules, passed in November by royal decree, are intended to control access to the sector and came after the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) called for improvements. Firms wishing to trade diamonds or continue as an accredited diamond business must submit criminal records or proof of good conduct for the company and each senior officer, the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) explained in a note to members last month. At least one director must present a certificate confirming attendance at a recognized anti-money laundering (AML) seminar. Companies must also declare their shareholder structure and the names of their ultimate owners.

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