Sarine Technologies releases new version of its rough planning software

Sarine has announced the release of AdvisorTM 7.0, the latest version of its industry-leading rough planning software tool.


Firestone Diamonds ups production guidance to 360 000 ct

Firestone Diamonds said it is expecting to recover about 360,000 carats in the financial year ending 30 June 2017, against April's guidance of 300,000 carats at its Liqhobong diamond mine in Lesotho.


BrilliAnt 2018 to be highlight of Antwerp Diamond Year

BrilliAnt - the 9th ADTF is to be held January 28-30, 2018, AWDC announced.


Golden Saint recovers 14 diamonds from Sierra Leone’s Tongo licence

Golden Saint has recovered 14 diamonds, weighing a total of 10.46 ct, from its Tongo licence, in Sierra Leone, following bulk sampling operations last week. The stones, it said in an operational update, ranged from 0.25 to 2.15 carats per stone.


Angola’s Endiama surpasses 2016 diamond output target

Angola’s state-owned diamond mining company Endiama produced 9.21 million carats of diamonds last year, exceeding a target of 9 million carats set by the ministry of planning and territorial development.

23 june 2017

In Vegas, a Discussion on Changing the Diamond Narrative


(nationaljeweler.com) - To preserve the value of diamonds in the eyes of the next generation’s consumers, there’s a job to be done by stakeholders at every point in the diamond pipeline, according to a panel of experts convened at JCK Las Vegas. The panel, sponsored by SRK Exports (Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd.), a global polished diamond supplier and De Beers sightholder, was organized to celebrate SRK’s new branding strategy and latest e-commerce platform. It featured moderator Rob Bates, news director of JCK magazine, and panelists Tom Moses, executive vice president and chief laboratory and research officer at the Gemological Institute of America; Erik Jens, CEO, Diamond and Jewellery clients, ABN Amro bank; and Paul Rowley, executive vice president of global sightholder sales at De Beers.

Report Sees Luxury Sector Sales Rising – But Challenges Abound

23 june 2017

(idexonline.com) - Has the luxury market turned a corner, helped by a recovery in sales in mainland China and elsewhere? After decreasing by around one percent in 2016 – the first decline in seven years – the personal luxury goods market appears to be turning around, according to new research from the business consultancy Bain & Co. The first quarter of this year has seen growth of around 4 percent – albeit aided by weak comparisons from the same period last year when acts of terror combined to batter sales. Nonetheless, Bain & Co forecasts a 2-4 percent growth rate for 2017, and sales rising to €254 billion-€259 billion. Further afield, Bain expects luxury sales globally to reach $290 billion within three years.

Is This Lab-Grown Diamond Company Trolling the Trade?

22 june 2017

(jckonline.com) - I came across a release from Ada Diamonds, a Silicon Valley–based, lab-grown diamond distributor: Ada Diamonds…recently discovered a number of undisclosed mined diamonds mixed into multiple parcels of laboratory-grown melee diamonds, ranging from 0.01 carats to 0.06 carats. The discovery, in two separate batches, was subsequently confirmed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Ada Diamonds exclusively works with laboratory grown diamonds and has removed the mined diamonds from their supply. … As a result of the discovery of illicit mined diamonds, Ada Diamonds has implemented enhanced screening procedures to further inspect all parcels of melee diamonds as well as all finished jewelry to ensure that all diamonds sold by Ada Diamonds are in fact grown, not mined diamonds. It was a little hard to take this release seriously. There have been numerous documented cases of the opposite—undisclosed man-made diamonds being passed off as naturals. There is a good reason for that: Since nonmined diamonds typically sell for less than naturals, there is an economic incentive to disguise one as the other. There is little incentive to do the reverse. That would be a pretty inept criminal activity. In addition, while it’s obviously wrong to misrepresent any stone, a mined diamond does not legally have to be disclosed, like a synthetic does. That’s because, under the Federal Trade Commission Guides, a diamond is assumed to be from the Earth.

Sierra Leone: Feature-Bridge in Sierra Leone Sparks Row Over Diamond Mining

21 june 2017

(allafrica.com) - A dispute over a bridge in eastern Sierra Leone thought to span diamond deposits has divided a local community with a foreign mining company accused of illegally mining the area after volunteering to rebuild the overpass. The Congo Bridge in Koidu, the capital of Kono District, was deemed by local authorities to be in danger of collapsing after years of illegal small-scale mining around the base. With backing from the government, structural repairs started in mid-2016 by Israeli owned Pluto Mining Company but this prompted fears of large-scale mining as excavators removed raw materials from under the road, river banks and nearby wetlands. A coalition of Kono activists joined Sierra Leone's Environmental Protection Authority and National Minerals Agency to condemn the bridge work that removed the natural buffer and led to the flooding of local houses, making more than 60 people homeless. The groups say this is one example in an ongoing wave of foreign companies stepping in to offer free infrastructure repair as a means to conduct exploratory work in mining-free zones, overriding local residents rights to land.

Pallinghurst wins 61% support for controversial Gemfields bid

20 june 2017

(miningmx.com) - Pallinghurst Resources has claimed enough support to make its $150m all-share offer for Gemfields unconditional with just over 60% of total shareholders in the UK-listed coloured gemstones miner and marketer supporting the proposed transaction. “As for 5.40pm on June 16, Pallinghurst has received valid acceptances in respect of 77,888,324 Gemfields shares representing approximately 14.16% of the existing issued share capital of Gemfields,” the company said in an announcement to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange today. Including the 47% of shares Pallinghurst already owns in Gemfields, total acceptances had come in at 61.25% to date. “With this acceptance into the Gemfields offer, ahead of the general meeting, Pallinghurst now exceeds the minimum level of support required for the offer,” said Johannes van Niekerk, a spokesman for the company. “The other notices of irrevocable support in addition remain available to vote in favour of the offer at the Gemfields general meeting.”

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