Dominion Diamond Corp: $1.1B takeover bid rejected

Canada-based diamond miner Dominion Diamond Corp has knocked back a $US1.1B, $13.50-a-share take-over bid from The Washington Companies, a diverse, privately-held Missoula, Montana, US-based group of privately held North American mining, industrial and...

24 march 2017

ALROSA has no intention to increase dividends

ALROSA, the world’s largest diamond mining company, said in a statement released on Thursday that it is not going to increase dividend payments up to 75%.

24 march 2017

Rapaport Auctions sells 83,000 carats of diamonds worth $12.5M at Hong Kong March show

Rapaport Auctions, a leading dealer of recycled diamonds, sold over 83,000 carats of polished diamonds for $12.5M at the Hong Kong jewelry show in March.

24 march 2017

Stellar raises £183,751 from placing, short of target

Stellar Diamonds said it conditionally raised £183,751 gross of expenses from 3,340,931 ordinary shares sold at a price of 5.5 pence per share.

24 march 2017

Hari Krishna Group wins two awards at the 43rd GJEPC Awards

Hari Krishna Group has added yet another feather to its cap by winning two awards at the 43rd GJEPC Awards event, which was held at Hotel Trident on 18th March, 2017 here in Mumbai.

24 march 2017

Live Streaming: 5 Home Truths for Luxury Brands

24 march 2017

(jingdaily.com) - The industry buzz around live streaming is getting louder all the time, and with luxury travel and other sectors getting in on the act, there’s a growing desire for the immediacy and authenticity of live video delivered directly to the user’s choice of device. If projected figures are to be believed, live streaming is set to become a key marketing focus over the coming years, with live streaming activity, from platform development to advertising and events, destined to be worth almost US$16 billion by 2020.

Science column: The diamond deposit in your backyard

23 march 2017

Under grubby soils of northern Colorado lies the nation's biggest diamond deposit. Its crystalline bounty was almost found by accident. In the late 1960s, Colorado State University geologists were studying some rather unusual, crumbly rocks northwest of Fort Collins. These drab-green exposures were notable because burrowing animals liked to tunnel through them and because only certain types of trees and bushes thrived atop them. The rocks also contained a variety of "indicator" minerals that tend to form under high temperature, high pressure conditions that prevail deep in the earth. The geologists mapped the distribution of these rocks and found they originally formed in a series of funnel-shaped volcanic pipes. The worn-down tops of the "kimberlite" pipes – named after Kimberly, South Africa, where they are abundant – are visible from outer space. They extend from southern Wyoming all the way down to the People's Republic of Boulder. A decade or so after their discovery, a student was grinding down samples of these rocks so they could be examined under the microscope. They made an astounding observation. Rather than the rocks being ground down by the polishing grits and plate, the rocks were etching grooves into the polishing plate. The likely culprit? The hardest mineral in the world. Analysis of the wafer-thin rock samples by the professor down the hall provided confirmation. Diamonds!

Sierra Leone pastor finds huge diamond in Kono

22 march 2017

(bbc.com) - A Christian pastor has discovered one of the world's largest uncut diamonds in Sierra Leone's Kono district. The diamond, weighing 706 carats, is now locked up in Sierra Leone's central bank in Freetown. It is one of the 20 largest diamonds ever found. Freelance, or artisanal, miners are common in Sierra Leone's diamond-rich areas, reports the BBC's Umaru Fofana. But there are questions over whether the community will benefit from the gemstone, he adds.

Diamonds discovered in Manitoba for first time: geologist

22 march 2017

(winnipeg.ctvnews.ca) - Ruth Bezys, president of the Manitoba Prospectors and Developers Association, said the announcement was made on March 5, 2017 in Toronto at a prospectors and developers conference. Manitoba’s Minister of Growth, Enterprise and Trade Cliff Cullen and Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr were in attendance, as well. “It’s really significant, because diamonds are really rare and hard to find,” Bezys said in a phone call with CTV News. Bezys, who is based in Winnipeg, said the diamonds were found in bedrock in the northeastern part of the province near Knee Lake and Oxford House.

Martin Rapaport’s Presentation at the Mines to Market Conference was divisive, belligerent & inaccurate at best

21 march 2017

(diamondworld.net) - The Day 2 of the Mines to Market Conference came to an end with Rapaport’s offensive and demeaning presentation - “State of Diamond Industry”. He began by saying how greatly India is dependent on the US and how much it needs America more than anything else. His presentation and manner of speaking was extremely demeaning, aggressive and insulting to Indians. “Indian industries are suckers, they manipulate profits,” he said. He also mentioned that the net rough exports in the UAE are only because of India. He continued to his vindictive presentation by accusing Indian businessmen of malpractices. He insinuated that Indians support illegal activities which are eventually funding terrorism and that President Trump will not stand for such things. It was very evident that Rapaport was acting as an agent for Trump to fix policies between India and America.

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