Emergency meeting on search and rescue operation was held in Mirny

The volume of water accumulating in the quarry of the Mir Mine exceeded 12,500 cubic meters as at 8:00 (local time) this Sunday and there is a risk of its abrupt inrush into the underground mine threatening the lives of rescuers conducting search...


Water level in the shaft of Mir rose to -273.7 meters

A regular shift of the search and rescue operation at Mir started its work underground this Saturday morning and cleared 17 meters of mine workings from obstructions, according to the statement released by the press service of ALROSA. The rescue teams...


ALROSA starts to move Mir Mine workers to other jobs

ALROSA has started to implement its CEO’s order to move the workers of the Mir Mine to other jobs, the company's press service says. The heads of the diamond miner’s divisions in team with production, personnel and social departments of the company...

18 august 2017

Investor creates a rough and polished diamond cluster in Vladivostok

Eurasian Diamond Center (EDC), based in the Free Port of Vladivostok (FPV), creates an infrastructure cluster bringing together companies operating within the diamond industry and focused on export-import operations with Asia-Pacific...

18 august 2017

Diamond Tycoon arrested in money laundering investigation

Israel's Police has arrested Israeli diamond and mining tycoon Beny Steinmetz and four others in a money-laundering investigation case, involving real estate deals abroad, as per media reports.

18 august 2017

The Rise of Rough Diamond Tenders

18 august 2017

(ehudlaniado.com) - The diamond markets in both Antwerp and Israel have a rough diamond tender center. In both cases, the tender centers belong to the diamond industry in which they are located, and are there to serve one main purpose: ensure that local traders have access to rough diamonds. How did the industry evolve from a central selling system with a select group of clients, and into a decentralized system giving access to all?

How To Sell Diamonds To Millennials

17 august 2017

(forbes.com) - The jewelry industry has a problem selling diamonds to millennials. It’s proving to be as hard a nut to crack as the rocks the industry sells. The problem with millennials is not just that they aren’t getting married at anywhere near the rate of the three preceding generations, but many of the millennials are skeptical about the diamond engagement tradition. They don’t buy the industry’s suggestion that a groom should spend three-times his monthly salary on an engagement ring. And with their dedication to making informed and educated purchases, they troll the web doing pre-purchase research where they can often find stones for less. Further, their drive for self-expression often translates into a distaste for doing what the “old folks” always have done.

Tiffany Really, Really Wants to Be Cool

16 august 2017

(jckonline.com) - It’s not just enlisting Lady Gaga and speaking out on the Paris accords. Tiffany & Co. is doing all it can to elbow its way to the cool kids’ table. The company’s new CEO, Alessandro Bogliolo, has the kind of varied resume designed to drag the 180-year-old jeweler into the modern age, the task previously assigned to former CEO Frederic Cumanel. Bogliolo spent 17 years at Bulgari, which is, like Tiffany, a high-end heritage jeweler. But he’s also headed Diesel, an edgier fashion brand. The new Tiffany, it seems, wants to be a mixture of both.

Supporting Services: Price Lists

15 august 2017

(ehudlaniado.com) - So far in my series on supporting services in the diamond industry, we have looked at several different types of businesses that have developed to serve the needs of manufacturers, miners, and rough dealers. These businesses do not take ownership of diamonds, but rather help to facilitate the activities of those who do. One that I am particularly passionate about, and have written extensively about over the past few years, is diamond pricing. The publishing of diamond price lists has become a backbone of our industry.

Diamonds Bring New Life to War-Torn Central African Republic

14 august 2017

(bloomberg.com) - Rough diamonds enabled Abdoul Raouf to marry three women and put his nine children through school. Now that his town in western Central African Republic can legally export the gems to world markets again, his neighbors are expecting similar fortunes. The government estimates that at least 20 percent of the population in the west, or about 60,000 people, earn an income from diamond mining. It’s not unusual to see children skip school to accompany their parents and help them sift gravel to search for the gems.

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