ALROSA becomes a certified member of the RJC

ALROSA has become a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) by achieving certification against its Code of Practices through meeting the highest ethical, human rights, social and environmental standards as established by the...


De Beers rakes in $450mln from latest rough sales – Anglo

Anglo American said De Beers raked in $450 million from its tenth sales cycle of the year compared with $422 million, a year earlier.


The Kimberley Process (KP) Plenary session starts in Brisbane, Australia

Prior to the commencement, the World Diamond Council (WDC) led bilateral meetings with members of the KP family including the Chair, some of the 81 KP member countries and the Civil Society Coalition. It also conducted its third Observer’s Forum...


CIBJO President expressed support for De Beers plan to develop diamond traceability system

CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri has voiced the World Jewellery Confederation's support for a De Beers development project that employs blockchain technology, which was announced on December 4 by the group's CEO, Bruce Cleaver.

11 december 2017

IDE to unveil technology breakthrough initiatives at IDWI 2018

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) has announced that it will unveil a series of groundbreaking initiatives that will have an important impact on the diamond industry in Israel and worldwide at the International Diamond Week in Israel (IDWI)...

11 december 2017

A mined diamond can bring an extra depth to the significance of a jewellery piece

13 march 2017

sarah_ho_xx.jpgAward-winning designer Sarah Ho, was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Macau before moving to London to enrich her skills in design and gemmology.

Sarah’s inspirational designs are a sentimental reflection of the different chapters in her life and her family heritage. Each collection has a story told through her love of colour, flowing elegant lines and lacework in precious metals that harmonise seamlessly with precious stones.

The company’s birth became a reality in 2006, thrusting the young designer into the world where the beauty of high jewellery first caught her eye.

Sarah Ho has kindly agreed to answer the questions from Rough&Polished.

How did you come to the jeweller's art?

I began my studies in fashion, incorporating the stonework with gemstones into my work, while my love of the arts helped me find the exciting colour combinations, contrasting textures that complimented each other, while the femininity of ceramics formed my refined silhouettes.


                        Amaryllis Full Ring in 18ct white gold and diamonds

At the end of each term, I found an overabundance of research into stonework, gemstones, and the Art Deco period which seemed to take precedence over my faltering interest into the archives of ateliers in Paris. It was here that the seed for my love of jewellery design began to grow, and where I found my true voice in the language of creativity.

I finished my fashion course and travelled to Antwerp to study to be a gemologist. It was here that my platform of creative expression became clear to me, while the realm of high jewellery revealed the world in which I aspired to be a part of, a place where I could create my own story written through my jewellery design, a home where I could share my mothers' and grandmothers' love of fine jewellery, which continues to fascinate me since my childhood.


Paradis Earrings in platinum, 18ct rose gold, brilliant cut diamonds and conch pearls

Do you produce only diamond studded jewellery?

Diamonds play a key role in my work, allowing my passion for collecting precious gemstones that have a unique shape, colour, or story to shine in my pieces.

What is your view of lab-grown diamonds?

I feel that disclosure is paramount when working or purchasing a lab-grown near gem which I am yet to work with.

For me, I like to create a story within my work that reflects a chapter, a memory, a sentiment, or symbolism in some form and feel that a mined diamond can bring an extra depth to the significance of a jewellery piece.


                                       Fancy Diamond Numerati Ring No 2

The lab-grown diamond has evolved in recent years, bringing with it an array of shapes, colours and sizes which act as an alternative for the consumer working within the constraints of a budget, an area which I would be very happy to work within to fulfil my clients' desire for that special piece.

With gold prices on the rise, is silver the new gold at present?

As consumers flutter between Silver and Gold, the expanding ‘Middle’ has become more present in the marketplace, creating a situation where we are all waiting to see which metal will reign triumphant.

excl_13032017_suki .jpg
                                                   Suki Yellow gold ring

I have recently moved my business away from silver to focus fully on gold, and have found within the realms of high/fine jewellery that the demand by consumers has slightly shifted but is still very present as they seek the ‘story’, that ‘unique’ factor which separates it from the rest in terms of investment.

Is there any overseas market you would like to cater to in the future?

I have been growing my business in Asia for the last year and would like to continue this expansion by venturing into the middle eastern market next.

Alex Shishlo, Editor of the Rough&Polished European Bureau in Brussels


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