India’s exports of G&J rises 9.8%; polished diamonds up 10.2% in FY17

India’s exports of Gems and Jewellery increased 9.85% to $43.16 bn in FY17 (provisional data in April 2016 to March 2017) vis-a-vis $39.24 bn in FY16 (April 2015 to March 2016). Gross exports of cut and polished diamonds in FY17 increased...


Debswana begins processing Cut 8 ore – report

Debswana, a joint venture company between De Beers and Botswana government, has begun processing ore from the $3 billion expansion of its Jwaneng diamond mine, known as Cut 8.


Fancy color diamond price index slightly up in Q1 2017

The Fancy Color Diamond Index for the first quarter of 2017 indicates pricing stability across most fancy color diamond categories. The main exception was blue fancy color diamonds, which saw a 1.9% price increase in the first 3 months of 2017, continuing...


Koin to conduct tender of African diamonds next month

Koin International is set to conduct sales of rough diamonds from several African countries in Antwerp next month.


Firestone Diamonds boosts Q3 Liqhobong output to 103,000 ct

Firestone Diamonds said it produced 103,000 carats during the third quarter of its fiscal year, including 31 special stones larger than 10.8 carats, from Liqhobong mine in Lesotho.


South African investors have little appetite for investments

24 april 2017

A business and technical leader in the diamond exploration and mining industry, James Campbell has spent over thirty years in the diamond industry and is currently Managing Director of Botswana Diamonds plc. His immediate past role was Chief Executive Officer and President of Rockwell Diamonds Inc (‘RDI’) from 1 June 2011 to 30 November 2016. In an interview with Rough&Polished, James Campbell gives an insight into the workings of the company, as well as expresses his views on the 'issues' faced by the global diamond industry.

Jean-Marc Lieberherr: Medium to long term prospects for the world diamond market are strong

17 april 2017

Diamond Producers Association (DPA) was established in May 2015 by seven of the world's leading diamond companies, including ALROSA and DE BEERS, to maintain and increase the demand for diamonds, as well as their credibility. One of DPA’s most important recent initiatives was the campaign "Real is rare" launched in October 2016, which is aimed at reviving the prestige of diamond jewelry. In an interview to Rough&Polished, DPA Chief Executive Officer Jean-Marc Lieberherr tells about this campaign and speaks of his vision on the situation in the diamond industry.

Chidhakwa: I have no misgivings about diamond mining consolidation in Zim

10 april 2017

Zimbabwe’s mines minister Walter Chidhakwa stands accused of decimating the country’s diamond industry when he decided early last year to streamline operations of mining companies in Marange and that of partly Russian-owned, DTZ-OZGEO, in Chimanimani. Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC), the company that he set up to takeover operations in Marange and Chimanimani, only produced 900 000 carats in 2016 from peak figures of 12 million carats annually. The company has since fired two chief executive officers within the period it had been operational and currently has an acting chief executive officer, Morris Mpofu, who was the head of the exchange control unit at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ). However, Chidhakwa was defiant, as he told Rough & Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa in an exclusive interview when they met in Cape Town that he had no “misgivings” about the decision Harare made to have diamond operations in the country consolidated. He said the consolidation is yet to be concluded as the government faced lawsuits from the ex-diamond miners. Chidhakwa also said that ZDC had only accessed grounds previously owned by Marange Resource (a wholly state-owned company) and the Lebanese-owned Diamond Mining Company (DMC) as a result of the lawsuit, a move he said curtailed production. He also revealed that the country will soon commence exploration work just outside Harare as well as on several kimberlites identified in Marange and the surrounding areas.

We are open for good business in all our locations - Erik Jens

03 april 2017

Erik Jens, the Global Head - Diamond & Jewellery Clients - AMRO BANK N.V. comes armed with professional experience in banking, financing and investments. He has specialized in private wealth management solutions, investments in hedge funds, private equity and real estate industry; and has served as director/advisor to various hedge funds and private equity funds at Fortis, which later became ABN AMRO. Erik Jens has also held various senior executive positions at Fortis MeesPierson in banking and investment services in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands Antilles, Ireland, United Kingdom, USA and Asia. In an interview with Rough & Polished, Erik Jens speaks about the global gems & jewellery industry, expressing immense confidence in its future; and reiterating that sufficient finance is available for companies, which show good performance and maintain transparency.

Those who do not define their own niche, will not survive

27 march 2017

The Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair (ADTF) enjoys broad industry support as a key annual event for the international jewelry community. The invitation to the ADTF can be obtained directly from the organizers, on the recommendation of one of the participants, or through registration on the website of the fair. The sponsor of the ADTF is the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC). Thierry Polakiewicz, Member of the Organizing Committee told about the major features of the ADTF, called BrilliANT in an interview to Rough&Polished.

Diamond manufacturers must use technology to react swiftly to changes in the market

20 march 2017

One of the original founders of Sarine, Uzi Levami has a long history of founding high-tech companies. He was awarded the prestigious Israel Defense Award in 1992 by then President Chaim Herzog, for his endeavors on a development project for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). He is a former major in the IDF. Uzi Levami has been the CEO of the Sarine Group since February 2009 and an Executive Director since December 2008. With a Master's degree in Computer Sciences from the Weizmann Institute of Science; and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering (Cum Laude) from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. In an interview with Rough&Polished, Uzi Levami talks the company's new product that will be launched mid-2017, as well as about Sarine's efforts to create high-tech products as an ongoing process for the global diamond industry.

A mined diamond can bring an extra depth to the significance of a jewellery piece

13 march 2017

Award-winning designer Sarah Ho, was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Macau before moving to London to enrich her skills in design and gemmology. Sarah’s inspirational designs are a sentimental reflection of the different chapters in her life and her family heritage. Each collection has a story told through her love of colour, flowing elegant lines and lacework in precious metals that harmonise seamlessly with precious stones. The company’s birth became a reality in 2006, thrusting the young designer into the world where the beauty of high jewellery first caught her eye. Sarah Ho has kindly agreed to answer the questions from Rough&Polished.

‘I will run my chair in a very transparent, open fashion’ – KP Chairperson

06 march 2017

Australia’s Robert Owen-Jones took over as this year’s Kimberley Process Chairperson amid tension between the civil society and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which chaired the diamond watchdog last year. The civil society coalition boycotted UAE’s leadership accusing it of encouraging the penetration of conflict diamonds into the market. The coalition also described UAE as the "elephant in the room" and its chairmanship was declared a "red line" while the country’s ethical standards were questioned. However, the new KP Chair told Rough & Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa on the sidelines of the African Mining Indaba in Cape Town early February, that his wish was to see the civil society participating again in this year’s meetings. Declaring that he would run his chair in an “open fashion”, Jones said that issues outside of KP should not affect the business of the diamond watchdog. He said KP was a consensus-based organisation and no individual’s view was allowed to dominate that of others. The new KP Chairperson also spoke about the need for a KP permanent secretariat, funding of struggling countries to attend KP meetings ahead of the civil society. He also expressed his views on price transfer, expanded definition of conflict diamonds and synthetic diamonds among other things.

Giving beauty to people as a gift

27 february 2017

The ‘Kierge’ jewellery house is a large firm manufacturing and selling jewellery and is a famous Yakutian brand. Over its 23 years of experience, the company was repeatedly the winner of national and international contests like ‘The Recognition by St. Petersburg’, ‘Leader in the Regional Economy’ and ‘Altyn Bars’. This spring, they were a sensation at the ‘Estet Fashion Week’ in Moscow, and last autumn – at the ‘Arctic Circle Congress’ International Assembly in Reykjavik. The firm’s products feature high quality and wide use of the Yakutian national motif in their design. The advertising campaigns held by ‘Kierge’ often cause a great public stir in the world, just think of one of the latest campaigns – the manufacture of the silver Oscar for Leonardo DiCaprio. Alexander Pavlov, the founder and Director General of ‘Kierge’, who was awarded the titles of ‘Honorary Sponsor of Yakutsk’ and ’The Best Entrepreneur of the Year’ last year, told Rough&Polished about the company’s activities.

IDE's Yoram Dvash: 2017 shaping up to be more positive

27 february 2017

After a tough 2015, last year provided the diamond industry with more stability and 2017 could be even better, says Yoram Dvash, President of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) and Vice-President of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB). In this interview, conducted following the International Diamond Week in Israel in mid-February, Dvash speaks on a range of issues affecting the Israeli and global diamond sectors.

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