06 december 2009

Endiama, the Angola’s state-run diamond mining company, was established in 1981. The central office of Endiama is located in Luanda, the capital of Angola. The company’s core operation is extraction of diamonds, prospecting and exploration of mineral resources, diamonds in particular. Endiama operates 167 projects located mainly in the Muanga, Alto Cuilo, Dala, Nhefo, Lunda-Nordeste, Cacuala, and Gango provinces, 20 projects of which are at the stage of commercial production and 14 projects among them are functioning at present.

Among Endiama’s subsidiaries are: Sociedade de Desenvolvimento Mineirode Angola (S.A.R.L) where Endiama holds a 50% stake, it also holds a  32.8% stake in mining company Sociedade Mineirade Catoca, and a 20% stake in Siciedade Mineirado Angola. Endiama also invested funds in the purchase of a 35% stake in Sociedade Minerado Chitotolo.

Among 14 functional production projects are the following:

- SMC – Catoca Mining Society;

- SDM – Mining Development Society;

- SML – Licapa Mining Society;

- Mufuto-Morte Project;

- Calonda Project;

- Yetwene Project;

- SM-Chitotolo – Chitotolo Mining Society;

- SMCC – Camatchia-Camagico Mining Society (LUO);

- SMK – Cuango Mining Society;

- Luminas – Lumero Mining Society;

- Luarica Association;

- Fucauma Association;

- Chimbongo Project;

- Cassanguindi Project.

In summer of 2013, following the study by the Russian geologists of the potential of Angola’s diamond projects, Endiama signed with OJSC ALROSA an agreement on establishing a joint venture for conduct of geological exploration. The geological exploration will begin on promising sites selected by the two parties.  

Official website of the company: endiama.co.ao