It's our responsibility to capture the imagination of future generations towards diamonds

As CEO of Beverly Hills-based Grand Metropolitan - a privately-held luxury goods holding company with a 130-brand portfolio - Vin Lee carries the burden rather lightly on his shoulders. Having migrated from Canada as a baby, it did not take long for...

11 december 2017

‘Non-diamond producing countries shouldn’t lead KP’

Non-diamond producing countries should not lead the Kimberley Process (KP) as was the case last year with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), according to the African Diamond Council and African Diamond Producers Association chairperson...

04 december 2017

Jewellers’ Guild of Russia sees its mission in creating highly developed national jewellery market

In recent years, the Jewellers’ Guild of Russia has noticeably stepped up its activities. Eduard Utkin, General Manager of this Association told Rough & Polished about what is happening in the country’s jewellery sector, the tasks facing the community...

27 november 2017

Any color diamond is a great investment

Bruno Scarselli belongs to the 3rd generation of the Scarselli family, which has for the last half-century been producing and selling some of the world’s highest quality yellow, blue and pink diamonds available on the market. Bruno heads the company...

20 november 2017

It’s crucial everybody feels confident that their suppliers use the System of Warranties - Stephane Fischler

The System of Warranties (SoW) in the diamond industry dates back to 2002, when the World Diamond Council (WDC) in team with the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association...

13 november 2017

The diamond trade cares about origin of diamonds, but do consumers?

11 december 2017

It's a question that comes up not infrequently in discussions at diamond conferences and elsewhere: do consumers care enough to ask about the origin of diamonds when they are in a store considering a purchase? Is the issue of responsible sourcing one that arises? And do consumers want diamonds from certain countries, showing a willingness to pay a premium for diamonds that have no association with conflict diamonds – for example from Canada or Russia?

Russian jewelers set their sights on exporting

04 december 2017

On November 10-12, the Moscow International Trade Center hosted a presentation of the Carl Fabergé International Jewellery Art Competition. The competition was established on the initiative launched by Russia’s leading public associations of the domestic jewellery industry, including the Jewellers Guild of Russia and the Club of Russian Jewellery Trade, and supported by the Moscow International Trade Center, Carl Faberge Museum and World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO). This international Competition named after the celebrated Carl Faberge is held with the aim of "promoting the national school of jewellery mastery, returning to it the leading positions in the world and assigning Russia the status of a most important center for the preservation and development of artistic jewellery". This event should help to identify and encourage talented jewellers - craftsmen and designers, familiarize them with modern technologies of famous jewellery houses, exchange experience in developing the best traditions of jewellery art.

From diamonds to sustainability, CIBJO demonstrates leading role in global jewelry trade

27 november 2017

For observers searching for an industry body covering literally every aspect of the jewelry pipeline, an influencer that is able to shape the debates in the trade, the evidence was on display at CIBJO's annual congress in Bangkok in November. CIBJO, or the World Jewelry Confederation, staged comprehensive discussions on everything from the latest developments in gemology, diamonds, colored gemstones and precious metals to ethics, responsible sourcing, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability – and more.

Zim mutation: Mnangagwa has his work cut out for him

23 november 2017

With Mugabe gone, Zimbabwe's former vice president Mnangagwa is to be sworn in as the country's second president in 37 years, on 24 November ahead of elections next year.

Will UAE's VAT be a hurdle for its growth as a major diamond hub?

20 november 2017

The recent news that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be introducing 5 percent value-added tax (VAT) from January 2018 on both, rough as well as polished diamonds, has stirred and shaken the Indian diamond industry which has close business affiliations with the country. UAE in recent times has emerged as the world's largest diamond trading hub after Antwerp. If the 5 percent VAT is made applicable, the Indian exporters of polished goods and importers of rough from UAE will have to bear a high tax rate of 5.25 percent, due to the Indian government's GST of 0.25 percent. This will eat into the already wafer-thin profits of the manufacturers, who are in dire straits.

Issue of Synthetics High on Agenda at Third Dubai Diamond Conference

13 november 2017

The third edition of the biennial Dubai Diamond Conference had the theme of “Shaping the future of an interconnected marketplace.” The two-day conference, which took place in Dubai's Almas Tower, which houses the Dubai Diamond Exchange, brought together international leaders of the diamond industry ranging from African Ministers to traders, financiers and world-renowned jewelers.

Real and "real"

07 november 2017

Exactly one year ago we wrote a review titled "Information warfare for millennial’s wallet." It made quite a splash visually proving to industry players how aggressive were marketing campaigns waged by producers of synthetic diamonds. We have repeated the experiment and have to admit that something has changed over the past year. Synthetic producers continue their pro-active (and sometimes even aggressive) promotion of their goods, however noticeably changing the emphasis.

China and India, the next fastest growing diamond jewellery markets

30 october 2017

When the Diamond Producers' Association (DPA) upped their budget to $60 mn recently for generic promotion of diamonds and diamond jewellery, confidence seemed to return to the global diamond industry. DPA's choice of US, China & India, the world's leading diamond consumer markets, to begin promotional activities was also well received. A major portion of the funds was earmarked for the US market and rightly so as it is the biggest consumer market. With millennials and women, in general, had to be weaned away from other distractions, major efforts are being made in terms of advertisements. China and India are also in focus and DPA has all plans in place, roping in a top agency to launch the marketing campaign 'Real is Rare' in both the countries to boost the diamond jewelry consumer demand.

Russia is leading in global diamond production in 2016

23 october 2017

The Kimberley process with its 54 member-countries made the statistics on of the rough diamond production and trade open and available for studies by all the countries in the world. A small number of countries involved in the diamond business makes it easier. In 2016, the rough diamonds were produced by 23 countries in the world.

Lesedi La Rona: The big stone that didn’t lighten Lucara’s world?

16 october 2017

The high-end diamond game is played on a very small field by only a few players. Not many diamantaires have the financial muscle or the nerve to cut big diamonds.

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