SA’s Vutomi project can start production end of 2018 – John Teeling

Botswana Diamonds entered into an option and earn-in agreement with Vutomi Mining and Razorbill Properties, a private diamond exploration and development firm in South Africa last February. It agreed to pay Vutomi a total of £942,000 in cash, of which...


Proximity doesn’t matter, your pocket does: Tanzanians interested in tanzanite jewellery can testify

Tanzanite, a rare blue/purple gem, was discovered in the Merarani Hills of Manyara Region in northern Tanzania in 1967, a few miles from Arusha and Mount Kilimanjaro. It is used as a gemstone and of late Tanzanians are manufacturing quality jewellery...

19 june 2017

Global demand for polished diamonds will remain steady – Ali Pastorini

Ali Pastorini, senior vice-president of the World Jewelry Hub, answered questions from Rough & Polished concerning the world diamond market, preferences of consumers and role of bank crediting.

13 june 2017

Eternal values in Malaya Bronnaya Street

The assay supervision in Russia is 317 years old. Much younger is the Moscow Gemological Certification Centre (MGCC) established under the Assay Chamber and located in the same ancient respectable mansion at 18, Malaya Bronnaya Street. The MGCC employees’...

05 june 2017

Diamonds will have the greatest potential in 2017

Mumbai-based Rajesh Bhagat, India Consultant of Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) who oversees HKTDC’s operations across India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, has been assisting companies, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the...

29 may 2017

New Thai Mid-Year Show Gets Off To A Successful Start


The first Thailand Gems & Jewelry Fair launched by the Thai Gems and Jewellery Trade Association (TGJTA) took place in mid-June with almost 13,000 visitors participating. Show organizers said that there were 5,728 visitors from overseas and 7,216 domestic visitors at the June 15-18 show. The countries with the highest number of visitors at the show were China, India, Myanmar, Japan and the USA.

Botswana Discovers That Beneficiation Process Not So Easy

19 june 2017

When the Diamond Trading Company decided to move the bulk of its services to the Botswana capital of Gaborone in 2011, it was due to mark the start of a new chapter in the diamond industry. Instead of transferring the country's rough diamonds out of the country shortly after they had been mined, as had been the case for dozens of years, basing the DTC’s operations in Botswana was seen as providing a huge boost for the country’s beneficiation campaign. Although the concept of beneficiation really began in South Africa under former President Thabo Mbeki, ironically that country has been left behind while other diamond producing states in southern African have moved ahead, particularly Botswana and, to a lesser extent, Namibia. The Botswana government and diamond industry officials have repeatedly stated that their aim is to create polished goods and even diamond-set jewelry at home and then export them. That would mean not just badly needed work in a country which suffers from high unemployment, but also a skills transfer and the creation of many thousands of extra jobs in associated services. However, the reality of establishing diamond cutting and polishing plants in Botswana and manufacturing diamonds profitably has been very different from the original plan.

Godlike pontification

12 june 2017

I love stories about distorting facts to please business interests. Dear readers, I have prepared another one for your attention. From time to time, every one of us wants to feel being God, or at least a preacher, and pronounce fiery speeches, full of truth, to inspire others and stigmatize unworthy people. And all this to enjoy the way people listen to you open-mouthed and believe every word you say without reserve. Previously, this was difficult to achieve. Not everyone was lucky to be born into the family of a pastor or diplomat and not everyone was lucky to become a superstar, or to have studied at Harvard to become an expensive lawyer. Most people had only to be satisfied with the attention from friends and co-workers. Now, of course, it is much easier, as there is the Internet. Everyone (for instance, even me) can become a preacher on the Web, as it is just enough to write catchy articles and not stint on their promotion.

Retailers' results show that US jewelry sales failing to take off

05 june 2017

Not an easy time for the retail jewelry industry in the United States seems to be a fairly accurate representation of the state of sales in the first months of 2017 at least. That's according to financial results reported by Signet Jewelers, the largest jewelry retailer in the United States which also operates in Canada and the United Kingdom and thus gives a view of the state of play in those markets as well, and Tiffany & Co, which gives an insight into the higher end of the retail jewelry sector. Ironically, the economy was supposed to receive a boost from the election of President Trump, which analysts said would be good for business. The delays in pushing through a national budget by the Trump administration, however, have created a degree of uncertainty. In addition, geopolitical shocks and the haphazard way the administration has been seen to be managing its operations have done little to instill confidence in consumers at home and abroad.

Future rough diamond shortfall? Possibly but not a certainty

29 may 2017

The beginning of commercial mining at the Gahcho Kue diamond mine in Canada's Northwest Territories at the start of March put the spotlight again on the issue of the scarcity of significant diamond mines coming on stream. Together with the depletion of large mining operations around the world, the industry is starting to try to estimate when the shortfall will come into play.


22 may 2017

When I was a novice journalist 15 years ago, my first editor told me, "Under any circumstances, never disclose the inner workings to the reader, do not tell him what you want from him - let him get to everything by himself." It seems to me, it's time to move away from this strategy and show all the cards in advance. I want everyone to feel a bit uneasy after reading this article.

Are banks diamantaires' best friends?

15 may 2017

Indian banks have supported the Indian gem and jewellery industry over the years, so much so that today the sector has grown to become a world leader. However, in recent times due to many unfortunate incidents of defaults resulting in NPAs, banks have become wary and tightfisted in financing the industry. With margins reducing and end product prices becoming more volatile, it is not surprising that banks have restrained themselves from lending to the gem and jewellery sector.

Synthetic diamonds are the future of newest technologies

10 may 2017

Over the last years, production of gem-quality synthetic diamonds in Russia and abroad has been on the fast track. According to analysts, synthetic diamond output by 2035 will match that of natural diamonds. Already now, there is a need to have special machines to detect lab grown diamonds due to their mixing with natural diamonds. De Beers and ALROSA have developed detection methods and machines to identify synthetic diamonds.

Sustainable development aiming to secure future production

02 may 2017

Mining, whether of diamonds or any minerals, is obviously not sustainable. Companies dig huge holes, remove ore, and take it somewhere else. Eventually, the hole runs out of diamonds. That is clearly not sustainable nor a fair way of operating. As a result, sustainable development has become a hot topic in recent years, with diamond companies engaging in a range of projects aimed at showing consumers that they care for the environment and the people who live near their mining projects.

The virtual miner - investigation

28 april 2017

ATTENTION! This journalistic investigation is directly related to the interview given to Rough&Polished by World of Diamonds, and we strongly recommend reading both texts to have a complete impression. An opportunity to conduct journalistic investigation is a rare stroke of luck in the work of any journalist. People engaged in illegal activities usually behave very carefully, and to detect them is a big problem. Nevertheless, sometimes even scammers make a blunder. As a rule, they are let down either by greed and thirst for glory, or by pathological confidence in the stupidity of others. Today we will show you just such a case.

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