The measurability of beauty

This article opens a series of popular science publications about rough and polished diamonds, their properties and characteristics, peculiarities of their origin, mining, cutting and polishing and evaluation. And we start with the latter – a 4C system...

16 april 2018

Responsible supply chains sine qua non for diamonds, other precious stones

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KP), which was established by the southern African diamond-producing countries in 2000, came into effect on 1 January 2003 in a bid to eliminate the use of rough diamonds to finance armed conflict...

09 april 2018

Paying the Price of Not Taking Control

(ehudlaniado.com) - In the wake of the alleged scam by Nirav Modi and his uncle Mehul Choksi, a series of steps are being implemented in India, and none assume that the diamond industry is acting with integrity, transparency or reliability. Of course, most diamond trading...


Can Diamonds Become New Safe-haven Alternative for Investment?

(aawsat.com) - The Antwerp World Diamond Center in Belgium is surrounded with restricted security that makes it look like a fortress of guarded castle. The streets around it are closed with concrete barriers, and surveillance cameras are deployed everywhere to spot...


Another sightholder of De Beers caught in row

(timesofindia.indiatimes.com) - Even before world’s largest diamond mining company De Beers can decide on the fate of its sightholder Gitanjali Gems — owned by Mehul Choksi — another company from Surat is caught in a controversy.

17 april 2018

ALROSA opens representative office in Mumbai


ALROSA, the world’s largest diamond mining company, opened its representative office in Mumbai (India), on the territory of the Bharat Diamond Bourse, on April 19.

De Beers to support artisanal, small-scale diamond mining sector


De Beers said it is planning to pilot a programme called GemFair that will create a “secure and transparent route” to market for ethically-sourced artisanal and small-scale mined (ASM) diamonds.

IIDGR challenges alert by Hong Kong company on irradiation treated HPHT-grown diamonds


Diamond Services, the Hong Kong-headquartered developer of technological systems and services for detecting synthetic, imitation and treated diamonds, has issued a worldwide alert to the jewellery and gemstone trades stating that research it has conducted indicates that synthetic diamonds, which have created under conditions of High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) and then subject to irradiation treatment, may be escaping detection by many of the screening devices available in the market that are testing diamonds at room temperature.

Rio Tinto diamond production up 11% in Q1 2018


Releasing its production results for the first quarter (Q1,2018) ended March 31, 2018, Rio Tinto Group has announced an 11% rise in diamond production to 4.62 mn carats against 4.1 mn carats in Q1 2017.

CTF's sales reached 13% in mainland China; 11% in HongKong and Macau


Chow Tai Fook's total retail sales reached 13% in mainland China and 11% in Hong Kong and Macau in the fourth fiscal quarter ending March 31, as reported by the company.

The production of synthetic diamonds continues to grow


The production of synthetic diamonds continues to grow. Although the process is still in its infancy, natural diamond producers have already felt the danger to an industry that employs around ten million people.

ALROSA to buy 68 road trains to operate at Verkhnyaya Muna deposit in 2018


In order to operate at a diamond mine Verkhnyaya Muna, which is to be launched in IV quarter of this year, ALROSA will buy 68 road  trains with load-carrying capacity of 90 tonnes each.

Pallinghurst wants to build Gemfields into ‘De Beers of coloured gemstones’


Pallinghurst, which now wholly-owns Gemfields said it is planning to build the company into the “De Beers of coloured gemstones”.

James Campbell: Scoping study results for SA’s Thorny River due mid-year

Botswana Diamonds appeared to have expended most of its energy and resources last year on the new Thorny River project in South Africa as its Sunland Minerals joint venture with Alrosa, in Botswana takes long to find diamonds despite significant effort...

16 april 2018

MGCJ founder Branko Deljanin: Production of synthetic diamonds is still larger than consumption

Founder and Chairman of the Mediterranean Gemmological and Jewellery Conference, MGJC, Branko Deljanin kindly agreed to answer questions from Rough&Polished related to synthetic diamonds and the upcoming 4th session MGJC in May in Budva, Montenegro.

09 april 2018

There is some magic in a diamond

Alexander Gorynya is a Director General of the St. Petersburg-based Kongo jewellery company. He is a Chairman of the Union of North-West Jewellers. In 1978, he graduated from the North-Western Extramural Polytechnic University. Since 1983, he worked...

02 april 2018

Looking for the Kimberley Process achieving further and meaningful sustainable progress

On March 7, 2018, the United Nations General Assembly welcomed the progress made by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme to break links between the diamond trade and conflict and adopted a consensus resolution aimed at intensifying that work aligning...

26 march 2018

Young people in China have become the main force of jewellery consumption

Armed with a Bachelor's degree from Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, as well as majoring in Franchise Management, Wang was greatly influenced by his parents in the field of jewelry. This has resulted in his unique opinions about innovative design...

19 march 2018