DRC: Poor value eclipses new status as world’s second largest diamond producer

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a resource-rich country, yet very poor, had been bleeding, literally, for quite some time with no prospects for peace on the horizon. Apart from a never-ending war between the government troops and drug-crazed...

14 august 2017

Indian Diamond industry at cross roads

"This sector has come a long way from where it was. However, it is still far, far behind where it should be. Our strongest area is diamond cutting and polishing. In terms of the global value, our market share is much lower than it should be. Our...

07 august 2017

The Rise of Rough Diamond Tenders

(ehudlaniado.com) - The diamond markets in both Antwerp and Israel have a rough diamond tender center. In both cases, the tender centers belong to the diamond industry in which they are located, and are there to serve one main purpose: ensure that local traders have access...

18 august 2017

How To Sell Diamonds To Millennials

(forbes.com) - The jewelry industry has a problem selling diamonds to millennials. It’s proving to be as hard a nut to crack as the rocks the industry sells. The problem with millennials is not just that they aren’t getting married at anywhere near the rate of the...

17 august 2017

Tiffany Really, Really Wants to Be Cool

(jckonline.com) - It’s not just enlisting Lady Gaga and speaking out on the Paris accords. Tiffany & Co. is doing all it can to elbow its way to the cool kids’ table. The company’s new CEO, Alessandro Bogliolo, has the kind of varied resume designed to drag the 180-year-old...

16 august 2017

Water level in the shaft of Mir rose to -273.7 meters


A regular shift of the search and rescue operation at Mir started its work underground this Saturday morning and cleared 17 meters of mine workings from obstructions, according to the statement released by the press service of ALROSA. The rescue teams cleared the debris on the mine’s level of -210 meters relative to sea level in two directions.

ALROSA starts to move Mir Mine workers to other jobs

18 august 2017

ALROSA has started to implement its CEO’s order to move the workers of the Mir Mine to other jobs, the company's press service says. The heads of the diamond miner’s divisions in team with production, personnel and social departments of the company will provide vacant jobs for the workers who are currently idle due to downtime.

Investor creates a rough and polished diamond cluster in Vladivostok

18 august 2017

Eurasian Diamond Center (EDC), based in the Free Port of Vladivostok (FPV), creates an infrastructure cluster bringing together companies operating within the diamond industry and focused on export-import operations with Asia-Pacific countries.

Diamond Tycoon arrested in money laundering investigation

18 august 2017

Israel's Police has arrested Israeli diamond and mining tycoon Beny Steinmetz and four others in a money-laundering investigation case, involving real estate deals abroad, as per media reports.

Gem Diamonds H1 revenue drops, receives offer for Botswana mine

18 august 2017

Gem Diamonds said its revenue for the six months to June 30, dropped 14 percent to $93 million from $109 million a year earlier.

US Engagement-Ring Spending Flat at $3.4K

18 august 2017

The amount US couples spent on wedding and engagement rings went largely unchanged in the second quarter, according to data The Wedding Report released Sunday.

Hydrogeological situation at Mir diamond mine put under stricter monitoring

17 august 2017

Currently, the main task is to ensure the safety of miners and rescuers on the mine’s level of -210 meters, where search works are carried on. To this end, ALROSA specialists monitor the water level in the quarry and in the underground mine every two hours based on the work plan.

Curb on small-scale mining to weaken Ghana's diamond, gold output – report

17 august 2017

A move by Ghana to curb small-scale mining, which is causing damage to the environment, will this year cause a low diamond and gold output.

A new brand has come to the Russian market - LA VIVION

How this had happened was disclosed in an interview with Rough&Polished by Andrey Yanchevskiy, CEO of LA VIVION, who, having turned from a programmer into a jeweler, proved that algorithms and diamonds are a promising combination in business.

14 august 2017

KGK says Botswana lacks capacity, expertise to produce diamond jewellery

KGK Diamonds Botswana opened its operations in the southern African country and the world’s second largest diamond producer in value terms, in 2014 and it is currently cutting and polishing rough sourced from De Beers’ Diamond Trading Company. Company...

07 august 2017

Jewellery might not come under the category of basic necessity, but for women it is a need

Enchanted by the City of Gold-Dubai, brothers Kiran Pethani and Anil Pethani travelled from their little village in Gujarat, India to Dubai in search of a better livelihood. In 1993, they started working for a jeweller in Gold Souk where they learnt...

31 july 2017

"The government should financially support the setting up of skills development units and Gems and Jewellery parks" suggests Sanjeev Agarwal, CEO, Gitanjali Exports Pvt Ltd.

Sanjeev Agarwal has a unique combination of experience encompassing FMCG, Banking & Finance and the Luxury Retail Sectors with Unilever, Cadburys and Deutsche Bank. Sanjeev’s next move to World Gold Council as Managing Director (India-subcontinent)...

24 july 2017

Virtual Possibilities of Jewellery Market

Online jewellery trading in Russia – since it started boosting and becoming more popular among the consumers - is of keen interest among the market players and is a topical issue. Dmitry Zamyshlyaev, Deputy Head of the Federal State Enterprise ‘Assay...

17 july 2017