Mid-size manufacturers claiming growing role in global production

As the global diamond producing club has become increasing fractured, an interesting phenomenon has emerged of a large number of small and medium-size diamond producers with the investment capacity to develop new mines. In an industry once dominated...

16 january 2017

Positive outlook for rough diamond trade, if not India's demonetization

AWDC and Bain & Company noted in their 2016 global diamond report that rough-diamond revenues declined by 24 percent in 2015 as the midstream segment sold down accumulated inventories. The report noted that manufacturers reacted to softening demand...

09 january 2017

Diamond Lobby Wants to Get Serious About Millennials

(bloomberg.com) - The diamond industry is looking to up the ante on its effort to win over younger consumers more interested in gadgets and gastronomy.


Why diamonds could be about to lose their luster

(europe.newsweek.com) - The global diamond industry has had to deal with a number of crises in recent years, but the emergence of synthetic stones may be its toughest challenge yet. Driven in part by consumer concerns over the sourcing of natural diamonds and backed by wealthy...

19 january 2017

Insider Q&A: De Beers CEO talks diamonds, millennials

(bigstory.ap.org) - Instead of romantic proposals and engagement rings, the commercials trying to sell a new generation on diamonds show young couples rolling around on a bed, arguing in a car and even questioning whether they'll ever marry. The ads are one way the diamond...

18 january 2017

Severalmaz recovers first 10 million carats of diamonds at Lomonosov deposit


A diamond weighing 30 carats which was found in early 2017 at the Arkhangelskaya kimberlite pipe was the last piece to bring Severalmaz diamond production to ten million carats from its Lomonosov deposit.

Laurelton Diamonds holding the viewings of its Polished Tender in New York and Antwerp


Laurelton Diamonds is holding the viewings of its next Tender of Polished Diamonds at the Laurelton Diamonds offices in New York, USA and Antwerp, Belgium, AWDC reported.

DPA to increase its annual budget to $60 million


The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) plans to increase its annual budget to $60 million from $6 million by asking members for bigger contributions, according to Rapaport, which cites Bloomberg report.

De Beers to pilot fixed-price forward contracts


De Beers said that its auction sales business will start piloting fixed-price forward contracts, which will provide a “highly effective” supply sourcing option for small and medium sized enterprises seeking access to regular rough diamond supply at a predictable price.

Rockwell posts C$5,5 mln net loss in Q3, targets return to profitability


Rockwell Diamonds has recorded a C$5.5-million net loss for the third quarter ended November 30, 2016 compared to C$10.5 million net loss for the previous quarter due to litigation and the suspension of mining operations in South Africa.

North Arrow acquires Qilalugaq and Pikoo diamond projects from Stornoway


North Arrow Minerals Inc. has announced that it has acquired Stornoway Diamond Corporation's remaining interests in the Qilalugaq and Pikoo Diamond Projects. Upon closing the transaction, North Arrow will hold 100% interests in both projects.

ALROSA President to take part in Davos Forum

19 january 2017

ALROSA President Andrew Zharkov takes part in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Sierra Leone hinges hope on kimberlite mining

19 january 2017

Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma said although the country’s alluvial diamond deposits are depleting, there are still diamonds in kimberlite pipes that are economical.

De Beers speaks on demand for diamond jewellery, impact of India’s demonetisation policy on gems trade and synthetics’ threat or lack thereof

Global diamond giant, De Beers said that last year’s demand for diamond jewellery, across the key consumer markets, was broadly stable on 2015. Group head of media relations Lynette Gould told Rough & Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa that the United States...

16 january 2017

We create jewelry that will remain after us

Jewelry holding Ringo, founded in 1993 in Ekaterinburg is one of the leaders in the Russian jewelry market, having an extensive customer base, a modern integrated manufacturing facility comprising all the cycles of jewelry making, from generating creative...

09 january 2017

Diamonds clad in tailor-made software

"Many passionate people believe in the future of the diamond sector but very few companies have the perception to invest in technology... have difficulty thinking or planning for long term,” feels Stephane Dujourdy, owner of an e-business company and...

04 january 2017

ALROSA is exploring Botswana for diamond deposits

Having 60 years of industrial diamond mining experience under its belt, ALROSA has long been successfully operating in several African countries, which are applying its expertise to a full extent. In 2012, the company formulated its Strategy for Developing...

26 december 2016

We are operating now in a more challenging geopolitical landscape

The world’s largest diamond hub in the City of Antwerp, tracing its origin as far back as the middle of the 15th century, came to its prominence soon after the Eureka Diamond, the first stone of this kind discovered in South Africa, caused a massive...

15 december 2016