The diamond trade cares about origin of diamonds, but do consumers?

It's a question that comes up not infrequently in discussions at diamond conferences and elsewhere: do consumers care enough to ask about the origin of diamonds when they are in a store considering a purchase? Is the issue of responsible sourcing...


Russian jewelers set their sights on exporting

On November 10-12, the Moscow International Trade Center hosted a presentation of the Carl Fabergé International Jewellery Art Competition. The competition was established on the initiative launched by Russia’s leading public associations of the domestic...

04 december 2017

The Peace Diamond A Perfect Example Of The Good That Diamonds Do

(idexonline.com) - If diamonds do good, then how much good is the sale of the Peace Diamond going to do? Clearly a great deal – and not just for the people of the village of Koryardu in Sierra Leone where it was discovered in March by Pastor Emmanuel Momoh who deserves...


Anglo heading for solid production year led by diamonds, iron ore

(miningmx.com) - Anglo American is poised to turn in a solid production year announcing today year-to-date copper equivalent production across all its operations some 8% higher with only three months of the 2017 financial year left to run. The advances are attributable...


WDC President Fischler Talks KP Recommendations on Eve of Plenary

(thediamondloupe.com) - As the Kimberley Process 2017 Plenary is set to start in Brisbane on Saturday, December 9, The Diamond Loupe sat down with the Acting President of the World Diamond Council (WDC) and President of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre Stéphane Fischler...

08 december 2017

CIBJO President expressed support for De Beers plan to develop diamond traceability system


CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri has voiced the World Jewellery Confederation's support for a De Beers development project that employs blockchain technology, which was announced on December 4 by the group's CEO, Bruce Cleaver.

IDE to unveil technology breakthrough initiatives at IDWI 2018


The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) has announced that it will unveil a series of groundbreaking initiatives that will have an important impact on the diamond industry in Israel and worldwide at the International Diamond Week in Israel (IDWI).

Chinese lab spots stone with CVD coating


A Chinese gemological laboratory has identified a well-concealed synthetic-diamond coating that bolstered the size of a small natural stone.While the lower part of the stone was a colorless, natural diamond, the upper section, including the crown and the top of the pavilion, contained a layer of diamond created using chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

Fancy yellow diamonds beat estimate price at Bonhams auction


Two separate lots of fancy vivid yellow diamonds that belonged to the Cullinan family were sold at a Bonhams auction for well above their expected price.

De Beers’ Auction Sales ready to transition fixed forwards programme

08 december 2017

De Beers said its Auction Sales business will transition fixed-price forward contracts to core business status, after the success of the pilot programme that was launched last January.

Zim to amend empowerment law, but not for diamonds and platinum

08 december 2017

Zimbabwe said it will amend its empowerment law, but diamonds and platinum will remain confined to the 51/49 indigenisation threshold.

De Beers reshuffles executive committee

08 december 2017

De Beers Group has made three changes to its Executive Committee as it seeks to maximise the performance of its core activities, while seeking new opportunities and ensuring its partnerships deliver long-term.

Sotheby’s Taps Dior Exec to Head Jewelry Unit

08 december 2017

Sotheby’s has appointed experienced luxury executive Laurence Nicolas as head of its jewelry and watch division.

It's our responsibility to capture the imagination of future generations towards diamonds

As CEO of Beverly Hills-based Grand Metropolitan - a privately-held luxury goods holding company with a 130-brand portfolio - Vin Lee carries the burden rather lightly on his shoulders. Having migrated from Canada as a baby, it did not take long for...


‘Non-diamond producing countries shouldn’t lead KP’

Non-diamond producing countries should not lead the Kimberley Process (KP) as was the case last year with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), according to the African Diamond Council and African Diamond Producers Association chairperson...

04 december 2017

Jewellers’ Guild of Russia sees its mission in creating highly developed national jewellery market

In recent years, the Jewellers’ Guild of Russia has noticeably stepped up its activities. Eduard Utkin, General Manager of this Association told Rough & Polished about what is happening in the country’s jewellery sector, the tasks facing the community...

27 november 2017

Any color diamond is a great investment

Bruno Scarselli belongs to the 3rd generation of the Scarselli family, which has for the last half-century been producing and selling some of the world’s highest quality yellow, blue and pink diamonds available on the market. Bruno heads the company...

20 november 2017

It’s crucial everybody feels confident that their suppliers use the System of Warranties - Stephane Fischler

The System of Warranties (SoW) in the diamond industry dates back to 2002, when the World Diamond Council (WDC) in team with the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association...

13 november 2017