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Diamonds: Natural and unnatural wonders
(BBC News) - To a chemist, diamonds are a three-dimensional cubic lattice of carbon atoms. To most of us, they are the ultimate status symbol - but how long will they remain so, now that they can be mass-produced?

Rough Diamond Market Report: Accounting Issues, Price Hikes and A Quiet Market
(IDEX Online) - It’s never boring in the rough sector of the global diamond pipeline. De Beers is proposing a new contract – simplified, with important additions, but still troubling in a way. Alrosa is making apparent moves to protect itself from possible sanctions by the U.S. and European Union, while prices, oh the prices, they are a whole story in their own right.

Symbolism in gemstone cutting
Man decorated himself with symbols since the ancient age. First it was paintings and tattoos on the body, talismans and amulets on clothes, then jewelry. And, if beads or necklaces carried images of some symbols, gemstones were just an addition to the jewelry pieces increasing their beauty, charm and, of course, value. Today the technology level permits to fill the gemstone proper with meaning, depicting symbols in the pattern of facets.

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Zim revenue authority pursues ‘errant’ Marange diamond firms - report
The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) is said to have moved to garnish accounts of Marange diamond mining companies to recover a combined total of $45 million owed in taxes.

Pangolin recovers second micro-diamond at Botswana’s Mmadinare project
Pangolin Diamonds has discovered a second micro-diamond on another block of its Mmadinare diamond project in north-east Botswana.

Diamond Development Initiative Launches New Program in DRC
The Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) recently announced a major new partnership with PROMINES, a project funded by the World Bank and the British Department for International Development (DFID) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) for improved governance in the mining sector.

DTZ commences diamond exploration in Zim’s Buhera
DTZ-OZGEO, a joint venture between the Development Trust of Zimbabwe and a Russian company OZGEO has started exploring for diamonds in Chinyadadze area in Buhera.

Rio Tinto’s Murowa diamonds Q1 output down 34pc
Production at Zimbabwe’s Murowa Diamonds, which is 78 percent-owned by Rio Tinto, dropped by 34 percent to 69,000 carats in the first quarter of 2014.

ALROSA VP Okoyomov Visits Israel's Int'l Diamond Week
The vice-president of the Russian state-owned diamond company ALROSA paid a visit to Ramat Gan last week to attend the Israel Diamond Exchange's third U.S. / International Diamond Week.

ALROSA Expects to Restructure Its Short-term Debt by May 2014
ALROSA plans to rearrange structure of its short-term debt estimated at $1.32 billion, making up to 90% of this figure related to long-term debt by May 2014, ALROSA’s Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Igor Kulichik stated during a teleconference.

Otkritie Capital Raises Target Price for ALROSA’s Shares by 16%
Investment Company Otkritie Capital has raised the target value of ALROSA’s shares from 48.5 rubles to 56.2 rubles per unit, according to a review of the company.


In India demand for diamond jewellery is growing - Sulish Verma
Vikas Chain & Jewellery (P) Ltd of Delhi is one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers of gold chains, gems and diamond jewellery in India. The company’s collections comprise superbly crafted jewellery embellished with diamonds and precious stones of the finest quality. In an interview with Rough&Polished, Sulish Verma, the company’s managing director, touches upon the present conditions prevailing in India, its effects on the jewellery sector’s growth and cautions  jewellers to focus on design and quality to survive in the competitive business scenario, as well as to gain the confidence of today’s discerning customers.


Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair 2014 - Heading to become the world’s jewelry hub
Bangkok hosted the 53d Annual Gems & Jewelry Fair 2014 held on February 25 to March 1 at the Impact Exhibition Center, whose work was covered by the correspondent of Rough&Polished. This February show is considered the first major jewelry exhibition kicking off the yearly activities in the international industry calendar. It is a world-class event attended by more than 1,500 suppliers of precious stones and jewelry.

Is gold still India's best friend?
Without getting into shares, stocks and other paraphernalia, here we shall try to see how gold, art works, diamonds, and precious stones have behaved in this ‘interesting times’ in India. While gold sector stands strong with analysts vouching for the metal’s reliability as an investment vehicle for small investors, diamonds and the others are not lying low either.

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