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Do You Want Diamonds With That? Why Restaurants and Hotels Like to Serve Up Bling
(Bloomberg) - Luxury hotels, department stores, and restaurants are always pushing the limits of grandeur to impress their customers. And what could make a hotel or restaurant look more lavish than a drink or suite package that comes with a real diamond? Even if the $10,000 martini with bling at the bottom doesn’t sell very well, it certainly generates press and adds splendor to a cocktail menu.

The Diamond Austerity
( - The diamond industry keeps facing hardships that call for a serious bailout plan, and diamond mining companies are starting to respond to the crisis with measures that will provide relief, albeit temporary. Miners begin to respond to manufacturers' hardships.

Shrinkonomics: How Reduction Can Enlarge Our Success
( - "The sun is the best disinfectant," wrote Louis Brandeis, who later became a United States Supreme Court judge. By saying that, he outlined the principle of transparency in public systems as a remedy for corruption. But the sun can also cause burns and permanent damage. When transparency of information is implemented incorrectly, it may harm the interests which it is suppose to serve.

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ALROSA announces a $ 85 mln bank loan repayment
On 29 July 2015 ALROSA repaid in advance the $85 mln bank loan payable to VTB Bank (Austria) AG in April 2016.

WFDB Appoints Louise Prior As Executive Director
The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) announced on Wednesday that Louise Prior, formerly a senior executive at De Beers, is joining the organization as its executive director effective from August 1.

De Beers says buyers can defer up to 75pc of allocated rough at August sight
De Beers said sightholders can defer up to 75 percent of their allocated rough supply at the next sight due to the current depressed market conditions.

WFDB president praises new ISO standard for diamonds
World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) president Ernest Blom has praised the release of ISO International Standard 18323: Jewellery - Consumer confidence in the diamond industry.

Ivory Coast is back on the diamond market
Ivory Coast after the abolition in April 2014 of the UN embargo exported 6 737.07 carats for 298 million CFA francs, reported online resource financialafrik.

Zim orders diamond mining firms to sign up for consolidation or ship out
The Zimbabwean government has ordered diamond mining companies to present their audited financial statements and sign up to the newly-formed company, the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company.

Indian company M. Suresh Co. sets the new trend of dot diamonds domain
M. Suresh Company Private Limited., a leading diamond manufacturer, importer and exporter of cut and polished diamonds since 1968, recently announced the launch of its newly designed B2B diamond trading web portal

Alrosa must create maximum added value in the territory of the Russian Federation - Yury Trutnev
The East Russia Economic Forum to be held in Vladivostok in early September is to pinpoint a place for the Russian Far East on the world’s investment map, according to its organizers. In his interview to TASS, Yury Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Government and Plenipotentiary Presidential Envoy to the Far East Federal District told about how the preparation for the Forum was going on, how the Priority Development Territories (PDT) would transform this area of Russia and what the chances of the Russian Far East in competing against the business pace setters in this region were.


History is being made here in Panama, and I feel fortunate to be part of it - Eli Izhakoff
eli_izhakoff_x.jpgEli Izhakoff, Chairman, World Jewelry Hub, Panama and Founding Chairman, Panama Diamond Exchange is also an Honorary Lifetime President of a host of Global organisations like World Federation of Diamond Bourses, World Diamond Council, CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, Diamond Dealers Club of NY,Diamond Industry Steering Committee and Bangkok Diamond and Precious Stones Exchange. Here, Eli Izhakoff talks to Rough&Polished about the issues being faced by the global diamond industry currently; and about the WJH, he is more than confident by proclaiming “History is being made here in Panama.”


Can the industry manage without diamond price lists?
Price lists have become an increasingly important part of the diamond market over the past 25 years – and the Rapaport list has achieved overwhelming importance. But do, and can, such lists, provide an accurate indication of diamond prices? Are changes to the list carried out too often and are those changes too severe particularly at a time when trading conditions are difficult? Is there a realistic alternative to the Rap list, or will the industry have to live with it?

Boosting Global Jewelry Sales a Main Theme at 2015 Presidents Meeting
The usual subjects affecting the global diamond industry were aired at the 2015 Presidents Meeting in Tel Aviv, with all the main speeches relating to the issues of declining profitability, high rough prices and standstill polished prices, the dangers of overgrading and coated diamonds. If not exactly a new theme, the issue of the absolute necessity of raising diamond jewelry sales via generic diamond promotion was widely discussed.

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